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Yup I read the directions... all of 'em. I think I'd still be sitting there if I didn't. I can't complain tho, the thing did go together as it should... the only part I felt was badly designed was the attachment between the leg support and the seat, but we got 'er done! I don't see a problem using this machine as part of a weight-loss strategy. It's going to burn calories while you're doing it, rev up your metabolism a little, and increase muscle strength and density in your core. (Sue me if I'm using the wrong terms, I'm a dumb construction worker!) Strengthening your core will help with the other exercise you do... not the least of which.. paddling! Let's not forget also that your father uses these things every day, and hasn't gained a pound since retirement!
Toggle Commented Jul 7, 2010 on ...Take Two at Professor Val's "Get Fit" Blog
Yeah I'd say it was more "half a Cornish Game Hen" but yep it was a good dinner and great company regardless.
Toggle Commented May 4, 2010 on Day 4 at Professor Val's "Get Fit" Blog
Yep let's DO this!
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May 1, 2010