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I want to acknowledge that I mistakenly wrote Mayor Gimenez name with a "J" My apologies to Mayor Carlos Gimenez.
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The decision to endorse Mayor Carlos Jimenez over former Hialeah mayor Julio Robaina is, in my opinion, due to the fact that in the previous election Robaina failed to be open and honest with the local Republican Party leadership concerning his personal and political history, resulting in embarrassing Governor Jeb Bush and the Republican Party leadership. Seldom has a local politician failed to win election in Miami-Dade County when the full thrust of the local Republican Party leadership has endorsed the candidate. In the case of former Hialeah mayor Julio Robaina, not only did Robaina loose the election against Mayor Carlos Jimenez, but he also subjected Governor Bush and and the Republican Party to embarrassment and defeat. Governor Bush and the Miami-Dade County Republican party leadership are not about to make the same mistake twice, certainly not when they already have another republican sitting at the helm whose private and professional integrity remains unscathed. I am a conservative democrat who disagrees with most of the liberal policies of the democratic party, and just about all the policies of the republican party. However, I respect Governor Jeb Bush for endorsing Mayor Carlos Jimenez against the Hialeah poster child. I suspect that this fundraiser does not sit well with Robaina and his circle of friends and followers, but it will be interesting to see how Robaina sells this package to the citizens of Hialeah. In the meantime, Mayor Carlos Jimenez better come back to the hood and spend some time with those who helped him in Hialeah.
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HOLA, Miami-Dade HIALEAH, it has come to my attention, although I have no evidence to unequivically prove, that the revised campaign strategy put in place for Hialeah Mayor Julio ROBAINA includes keeping away from public forums including debates. The new strategy will consist of "minimizing the environment" that ROBAINA cannot control, and "maximizing opportunities" for favorable results. The emphasis will be on targeted political advertisement. I cannot say with certainty that future public forums or debates will continue to be ignored, but I have been informed that every effort will be made to reduce ROBAINA'S exposure to Q & A, or, as someone told me, " neutralize the negative with a one way ticket to reform." According to a very high placed operative in the Hialeah Mayor Julio ROBAINA campaign, " the campaign is not a race against Gimenez, it's a campaign agains time." They said, " ROBAINA has the money, the problem is there remains too much time." They want an election tomorrow but, since they know they will not get it, they developed a strategy to limit access to ROBAINA, unless favorably choreographed.
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I guess our state representative Steve Bovo just suddenly realized that he had a family back in Hialeah. Too bad he didn't meditate the thought two years ago when he made promises to the resident electors of his district. I for one, would have preferred to have my family vote and donate for the candidate that promised he would have stayed. Sorry, Tio, Hey Steve, can the district voters who gave money to your campaign back in 2008 get a prorated return on their money wasted?
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Mar 25, 2011