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Robert Sharp
Everyone has a right to my opinions
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Thanks to Jared for alerting me to Cains Jawbone, currently seeking funding on Unbound. "The 100 pages of the book were printed and bound out of order and the reader was invited to re-order the pages, solve the mysteries and reveal the murderer(s)." It seems an astonishing achievement. Interestingly, it appears on the Unbound homepage right next to Wonders and Visions: a Visual History of Science Fiction.
I think that the two that would be most divisive in terms of readers reactions, and which may yield radically different interpretations on second reading are 'The Beauty' and 'Mothers of Voorhisville'. 'We Are All Completely Fine' and (if you'll allow me) 'The Good Shabti' maybe less so: my initial feeling was that they sat on the other side of a stylistic divide. 'Ceremony of Flies' lies somewhere in the middle. BEAT Interesting: I've just noticed I just delineated the novellas along gender lines, putting Daryl and yrstrly in one category, Aliya and Mary on the other. Dunno what that means!
That's the problem with writers of dark fiction. I suppose I could threaten to stab Daryl Gregory in the nose or send a severed horse's head to Kate Jonez, but before nightfall they will have worked it into their next story. Which would probably be awesome and beat me to the Shirley Jackson Award again.
Thanks Bob! It goes without saying - though I think Jared has said this explicitly in his 'Poking at Awards' series - that introducing people to stuff you otherwise wouldn't have read is the main point of an Award. So please do take this as a prompt to read the other novellas on the list... Including 'The Good Shabti'!
I'm delighted to have been nominated for the Shirley Jackson Award, for my novella The Good Shabti. However, there are four good reasons why I probably won't win... Continue reading
Posted Jun 5, 2015 at Pornokitsch