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The New Yorker did a very interesting Profile on Reid (in 2005?). One of his personal heros was a high school teacher, and he came off as a very grounded, humble man who takes his Mormon faith seriously. Not reckless, but not afraid to fight, either. As for Pelosi; I don't walk in her shoes, and I cut her some slack. I heartily thank her for encouraging Rep John Murtha to state his convictions. He's the only Dem my right wing acquaintance and family members seem to respect. Gingrich, Hastert, or a less savvy politician, would have tried to steal into photo ops with Murtha. I think Pelosi's role in **not** grandstanding, and **not** stealing Murtha's thunder, has been underestimated. I think this nation is far better off for Murtha's comments, and I commend Pelosi for supporting him. As for Reid -- managing a bunch of Senate Prima Donnas can't be any cakewalk. The fact that he's at least called b.s. on the Bu$hCo group has certainly earned my gratitude. Shutting down the Congress over the Intel Comm gutlessness was legislative brilliance, IMHO. EW, I appreciate your insights. Also interesting to note that Reid seems so thoughtful about media. Good for him!
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