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I wish you well, Janet.
Toggle Commented Apr 17, 2011 on Autism Touches at Janet Boyer Creates
I am sad for your son for the day he stumbles upon this post to find that his own mother referred to him (in a public post) as f*cked up, and then continued on to blame her bad manners on him, adding a picture of him in case any of his acquaintances might doubt the blog might be about him. Seeing someone else as the cause of our own continued bad behavior is nothing more than victim mentality. I also have a son with PDD. He has been the greatest light and blessing of my life, and I've learned more from him than in all my years of obtaining an advanced college degree. While I would not change a thing about him, I would change the mindset of the bullies who impact his self concept. I worked as president for our state's chapter that served my son's syndrome for 5 years, and was on the board for another few years before that. Through that volunteer work, I traveled throughout the state and met hundreds of kids, many of them deep into the autism spectrum, whose primary personal issues were usually not the learning concerns they dealt with each day that you might think impacted them most deeply. It was the cruelty others imposed on them. My job? Educating those around these kids to teach them tolerance and understanding. Having watched your very uncomfortable internet interactions, Janet, I would have hoped you would have learned from your son just how important good personal interactions are within a community. People are not upset with you because you had a bad day. People are upset because of a string of patterns of aggressive bullying behaviors. And a mother should be teaching better lessons to a son who may have to live with it every day. Donnaleigh
Toggle Commented Apr 17, 2011 on Autism Touches at Janet Boyer Creates
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Apr 17, 2011