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I'm amused at the number of people who take issue with the average of "918 photos" a month. Yes, people ARE taking more photos now with digital (how many photos a month do you think a teenager takes with his/her cellphone?), and people who buy "better cameras" (DSLRS) are just plain going to use them more. Many amateurs buy them because they have a kid involved in sports and want to photograph them, and usually the other kids on the team. So it's really very easy to shoot off 1000 photos a month.
A lot of folks are taking a moral attitude about the photographer "knowing a crime was being committed," so he has an obligation to report the crime or stop the crime. But here's a question: Do you think that a photojournalist who chooses to travel with "enemy combatants" in order to report a story is also practicing immoral standards? Obviously they're taking their lives in their hands, but by trying to deliver a different view of the bigger story (one that we would never observe without them), have they made themselves "the enemy" as well? Because that's what you're saying happened here, that the photographer is now a criminal, because he chose to document an event in the making. Mike Keller is now following The Typepad Team
May 14, 2010