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And I greeted the Captain over on the breakaway site, but I'll wish him well here too, along with Miss Marple. Speedy recoveries to you both.
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Very interesting about how few of your ancestors were slave owners. I'd bet only a small minority of American have ancestors who were slaveholders here, mainly since so many of grandparents and great-grandparents didn't even arrive here until after 1865 (including mine). And if we go further back, probably more of us have ancestors who were slaves somewhere, rather than slaveholders. If I had to choose one or the other, I'd have Juneteenth rather than MLK's birthday as a national holiday, since traditionally we don't have holidays for one person's birthday. I remember when I was a kid we acknowledged Lincoln's and Washington's birthdays, but I don't think they were official holidays. In any case, now we have both foisted on us, and there will probably be more to come unless the GOP grows a spine.
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The "Gone Girl" star, who was struck by a scooter or motorcycle while crossing a street on June 4, died Monday That was by Lincoln Center. A couple months ago someone was killed right around the corner from me by someone on an electric bike. They ride in the deadly bike lanes created by DeBlasio even though they go as fast as cars. Thanks to our lazy, incompetent mayor the city has become a danger zone. If it's not crazy homeless people attacking, gang bangers freed with no bail, it's this.
What Happens if the Election Audits Go Trump's Way? I think we know the answer to that. [Sounds of crickets chirping.]
When I was younger dentistry was still a dark art. And I had a drill-crazed dentist. Anytime he found a soft spot in a tooth he drilled and filled it. JimNJ: My childhood dentist did not use novocaine or any other anesthetic, and I regularly had a mouthful of cavities. Probably the worst pain I've ever endured. Maybe that was more common back then. But I still have all my teeth and no crowns, root canals or anything else, so I guess he did a good job. My sympathies for your dental woes.
Henry Ford was a bit of asshoe Maybe more than just a bit: But he was largely irrelevant and considered a nut, so he never did the damage that Zuck et al have accomplished with the power of social media.
“There's a significant difference between a 1920s prog envying some industrialist's millions, because the industrialist not only produced something to earn his millions he lifted the middle up by producing it, and a 2020s populist envying the partying oligarchs, because they're dancing on not only Fed manufactured bunko bucks but they're quite often dancing on the grave of the populists's former way of life that was shipped to China” Yes, but maybe a difference in degree, not in kind. I’ve no doubt the railroad barons had plenty of friends high up. Probably oil as well. Maybe less so for steel and autos. At the same time, the modern oligarchs have provided a lot of high-paying jobs and life-improving products. It’s always a mixed bag, but maybe the mix is a bit worse this time around. And people will always find a rationale for envy. A bigger difference is that the 19th and early 20th century tycoons did a lot of real philanthropy, and much less throwing their weight around in political and social matters. Henry Ford was a bit of asshoe, but by and large those guys weren’t trying to run our lives and swing elections the way Gates, Zuck, Bezos, @Jack are. They were busy endowing museums, orchestras, parks, schools, etc.
Turks irked as reveals the truth; most of them are Greeks. I hope they go check the "Palestinians" next. They'll all be indistinguishable from Egyptians, Jordanians, and Syrians.
Greenblatt a Trump appointee? Per Greenwald:Greenblatt has been around Washington for a long time, occupying numerous key positions in the Obama administration, including investigative counsel at the Department of Justice's Office of Inspector General and Assistant Inspector General for Investigations at Obama's Commerce Department." So much for that.
If you believe inflation is only 4% i have a bridge to sell you They will mumble again about "base effects" because the CPI bottomed out a year ago, but it had recovered by September, and the last three months it's been over 8%, whether or not you exclude food and energy prices.
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cap gains *tax*, that is.
The other issue, as we discussed the last time this came up, is that a lot of the "gains" are just inflation. This is already a problem with interest income, and was a big issue in the 70s when interest rates were 15% and inflation was also around 15%. That "income" is really non-existent, but you have the privilege of sending a chunk of it to Uncle Sam. Even now, if you sell a stock that's gone up 50%, but inflation has been 40% over the same time period, that 20% cap gains is really more like 100%.
That Zuck GIF is the greatest display of raw masculinity since this:
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“Who would be the next governor of Florida if DeSantis runs for President?” You mean if he is elected President. I presume he’ll get re-elected in 2022, and can remain Governor while running for President. Then it’s a question of FL’s succession rules. Maybe the Lieutenant Governor takes over?
Toggle Commented Jun 4, 2021 on Where's The Beef?!? And Pork! at JustOneMinute
“ Nothing good” Too bad Bari shied away from the biggest scandal, how the AMA maligned HCQ to undermine Trump.
Toggle Commented Jun 4, 2021 on Where's The Beef?!? And Pork! at JustOneMinute
Questions no one was asking So Fournier has slithered out of whatever hole he's been in to tweet that? I guess he's trying to be relevant again.
Toggle Commented Jun 4, 2021 on Where's The Beef?!? And Pork! at JustOneMinute
It's a transparent power play, giving up a bunch of cabinet positions to leftists in order to put Bennett in the top slot. I'm guessing it collapses within a couple of years (hopefully before Lapid can take over.
Toggle Commented Jun 4, 2021 on Where's The Beef?!? And Pork! at JustOneMinute
Et tu, anonamom?
Toggle Commented Jun 3, 2021 on Where's The Beef?!? And Pork! at JustOneMinute
Former President (title) at OceanWorks International His bio from FB. He's also now involved with the republican party in some capacity forgot what.. Hopefully swamp draining. Maybe his OceanWorks experience helps.
Toggle Commented Jun 3, 2021 on Where's The Beef?!? And Pork! at JustOneMinute
I follow more narc twitter links and they have a higher percentage of being worth reading than anyone elses. Ok, so now you've offended the rest of us. :)
Toggle Commented Jun 3, 2021 on Where's The Beef?!? And Pork! at JustOneMinute
Incidentally, that's about the most depressingly accurate description of human nature I've ever run across. I had a feeling you'd appreciate that.
Toggle Commented Jun 3, 2021 on Where's The Beef?!? And Pork! at JustOneMinute
There are always taxes that can be raised or debt that can be issued. What causes the belief [or knowledge] that they will be insufficient to sustain the state? Is it a logical math problem that becomes a confidence problem? Or is it wholly an irrational cascading herd psychology problem? I think it's mostly rational, otherwise we'd see it more often. There's usually either a war or Venezuela/Argentina scenario involved. I can't think of a good metaphor, but it's like losing control of your vehicle because you steered away from instead of into the skid. Tax revenue maxes out, both from the Laffer curve and because high enough inflation means people are paying taxes with currency that's more worthless. So the government has to print more and more money just to pay its obligations. Higher inflation makes people less willing to hold the currency, which just makes the inflation worse, which makes people even less willing to hold it, etc., etc. There's a relatively "simple" math description, for anyone who's learned differential equations. I don't see it happening here, but 70s-style inflation seems possible.
Toggle Commented Jun 3, 2021 on Where's The Beef?!? And Pork! at JustOneMinute
Is there even a useful, agreed upon definition for when inflation becomes hyper? Not the 15% 1970s inflation. More like 100+ percent per day. Basically the demise of the currency.
Toggle Commented Jun 3, 2021 on Where's The Beef?!? And Pork! at JustOneMinute
no one, including economists, can give a definitive answer on what causes inflation, especially hyperinflations. Actually I think hyperinflations are pretty well understood. Once people lose confidence that the government is going to be able to finance itself with taxes or borrowing, and it won't or can't stop spending, then the spiral out of control begins. It hasn't happened here (yet) because people think there's some way out for the Fed and the Treasury.
Toggle Commented Jun 3, 2021 on Where's The Beef?!? And Pork! at JustOneMinute
“So at least some of the experts are now saying that inflation is behind us. That's what I just heard on the radio anyway.” Experts. What would we do without them. I know Mel disagrees, but I don’t see how we get out of this mess without a good dose of at least 3-5% inflation, maybe more.
Toggle Commented Jun 2, 2021 on Where's The Beef?!? And Pork! at JustOneMinute