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“its a tragic circumstance that howard zinn's screed is circulated, and paul johnson's manuscript is limited,” The reason I picked it up was that my daughter unknowingly bought Zinn’s book, and I told her that it was socialist propaganda, and she asked for an alternative.
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Rocco, I've been reading Paul Johnson's "History of the American People," and he makes a similar point. He writes about earlier settlements in the 16th century that failed, notably one at Roanoke Island (as it was called). He argues that an important difference between those and the successful 17th century ones was that the earlier efforts were not primarily religiously motivated, but were more to profit from trading with the natives.
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Belated congrats to BoE, and great wedding pic!
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Great Pieces, Clarice, one of your best. I wish I could be as optimistic as Iggy that something big will happen to topple the Deep State.
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Danny Reagan wouldn't have followed orders. And he wouldn't have gotten shot either.
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I've never had trouble with TypePad, maybe because I registered and sign on with them. And I only have to sign in once every 2-3 weeks.
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Thanks for the birthday wishes! Beasts, great to see you here. On to the next thread.
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Thanks for the birthday wishes (from the last thread)! Wet, dreary day here in the northeast. I’ve been arguing that overturning Roe, apart from being the right thing legally and morally, will be bad for the Democrats. Once most states keep it legal but only up to some limit like 15 weeks, Ds will be put in the position of defending late-term abortions, a view that is not widely shared except among their extreme base in deep blue states.
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Today, in 1916, the Easter Rebellion started in Dublin. Wasn’t it Jefferson who advocated rebellions as a necessary cleanser of autocratic governance? Hey, Jack. Yes, it surely was. But Yeats's "Easter 1916" takes a more ambivalent view of the rebellion and the rebels. Too long a sacrifice Can make a stone of the heart.
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How old were you guys when you first learned about sex? I can't really remember, but I had older siblings and sometimes hung around them and their friends, so I was probably 8 or 9. And that didn't include anything about LGBTQWERTY. Blessedly ignorant of all that until high school, and even then it was just the LG part, which was about as meaningful to me as learning about the Watusi.
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Could be, Mel. I suppose there's a fine line between being their b*tch and being their front man. Observationally equivalent as we say in the business.
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I think Zelensky knows he's screwed no matter who wins. He's stated he's #1 on Russia's hit list and I think he's terrified of the Azov Battalion Rocco, that makes sense to me, as opposed to Zelensky actually condoning or being allied with the Azovs. It would explain his apparent hesitance to accept a deal with Russia. He knows he'll be a marked man in Ukraine, which is probably worse than being on Russia's hit list (if he really is).
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How would a large and relatively sophisticated conventional armored army and a conventional manned fighter/bomber air force fare against modern anti armor and aircraft capabilities, especially portable, land based ones and airborne drones? I realize it may be apples and oranges, but I'm sure the Ukraine military is more sophisticated than the Afghan military that managed to stymie the USSR 40 years ago. It's not so easy to take over a country that wants to fight back on its own turf. I agree they probably will if they persist, but there's some chance of it turning into a quagmire if the Ukes hold out.
Happy Birthday, Jane! I only have to sign in once every couple of weeks or so.
Stephanopoulos Pleads With Cotton to Denounce Trump for Saying 'Putin Is Smart' and 'America Is Stupid' How about last year when Biden declared Putin a "worthy adversary"? Only Peter Doocy called him on that. Trump didn't say anything wrong, of course. Calling someone "smart" does not imply praise for his actions.
Putin has many flaws but it seems unlikely to me he will repeat Hitler's many strategic errors. And so Russian numbers will eventually grind out a limited and imperfect victory, but one which in some manner accomplishes most of his goals. Since WWII the main reason the greater military powers have failed is the lack of will and domestic politics. (Maybe the USSR in Afghanistan is an exception.) That wouldn't seem to be an issue for Putin, but as I said yesterday it might be Zelensky's best hope, faint as it is. I could see them coming to some kind of agreement that gives Putin 90% of what he wants, though I don't know if he'd settle for anything short of a change of government.
“So even in the face of the worst power shortage since WW II, the German power companies confirmed they are proceeding with the shutdown of the last 3 nuclear power plants in the country.” And my understanding (though I’m sure others here are more knowledgeable) is that once they are shut down, it’s not so easy to start them up again. Jack?
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“They can air urban warfare video, but I wouldn’t recognize whether I was looking at apartment buildings in Kiev, Moscow, or Vienna.” Or Minneapolis.
Toggle Commented Feb 26, 2022 on Life During Wartime at JustOneMinute
“I've never understood why the Jews have these secret capitols and societies and banks and organizations. Since they have such magical powers that their tiny numbers can force the brave and numerous Poles to invade and conquer Russia and they can emasculate and suppress the mighty Germanic Aryan tribes, even in the 20th century, and subvert even the colossus Stalin, not to mention neuter the entire Arab and muslim world, you'd think they'd just set up a gigantic golden palace and demand tribute from all those under their magical spells.” Reminds me of the old joke about the Jew in 1930s Germany whose friend sees him reading Der Sturmer. “Why are you reading that instead of the Jewish paper?” “The Jewish paper is always reporting about this or that calamity. According to this paper, we own all the banks and control the world financial system!”
Toggle Commented Feb 24, 2022 on Life During Wartime at JustOneMinute
Gary Brooker, lead singer of English band Procol Harum, dies, aged 76. RIP. I always liked their rock/classical fusion. Not only "Whiter Shade of Pale," but also Conquistador, among others.
Toggle Commented Feb 22, 2022 on The Dash To Dumb at JustOneMinute
Very informative, Clarice. You might want to ask them to correct a minor typo, where it has a year as "2204" instead of 2014.
Toggle Commented Feb 20, 2022 on The Dash To Dumb at JustOneMinute
Thanks, Davod (and sbw). I was busy searching news and didn't catch your clarification.
Toggle Commented Feb 20, 2022 on The Dash To Dumb at JustOneMinute
Clarice, I'm a bit confused by that. It's from yesterday, and there's a lot of passive voice, as in "Parliament gets shut down." I haven't seen any news reports saying "Trudeau shut down Parliament." That would seem to be too big to ignore. So what actually happened?
Toggle Commented Feb 20, 2022 on The Dash To Dumb at JustOneMinute
Sorry, Jack, hope all goes well and you're out soon. GUS, congrats, and welcome back!
Toggle Commented Feb 18, 2022 on Super Sunday! at JustOneMinute
Did Peter Jennings have a lock on his door? Jennings committed the greater crime of dating Hanan Ashrawi. Whether that caused or reflected his sympathy for anti-Israel terrorists is anyone's guess.
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