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Probably a little soon to get an accurate result. More accurate polls will come out in the weeks ahead (if Akin stays in). I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of people still vote for Akin. Politics is very divided, and many people will still vote (R) in Missouri regardless of whose name it's next too. Still, if Akin stays in, McCaskill will probably narrowly pull ahead.
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Toggle Commented May 12, 2012 on Jessie Lee at Beautiful
PPP is actually one of the most accurate polling companies there is. In a statistical analysis done last year, it ranked ahead of Rasmussen and several other pollsters in terms of accuracy. But in any event, it's not just PPP putting Santorum ahead - ARG has a poll out today which also puts Santorum ahead of Romney in Michigan, although not by as much. Santorum is also leading Romney nationally in Pew today, and almost tied with Romney in Gallup. So it is not just one pollster that is seeing problems for Mitt.
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Feb 13, 2012