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Rebecca Hamilton
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Stupid smart phone i wasn't done. Lol anyway the grey girls are doing wonderful and we love them all dearly.
Just wanted to let you know that cashmere is so loving. Ribs on our legs to the point of tripping us and likes to sit on the bed and be loved and cuddled. But spends loads of time on her perch in Mt . has bebeen dubbed bed kitty because she is always on bed. And is always on the back of the couch.
The girls are doing great. Cashmere and glitter are doing wonderful. Circe is coming around slower than the other 2. They are all so beautiful and sweet. I will try to get some pics. They played with their last night too.
Can't wait til Monday!
Glitter and cashmere are my favorites too and beautiful Cerce. Your cliffhangers are awful! The suspense! :)
How wonderful!! So glad Mitts got a good home! Wonder what your story is? :-)
I am the second person she is taking About and I guarantee Circe, Glitter and, Cashmere will be coming to their forever home on the 15th. We are so exited to have them. Last year my cat, best friend Casper passed away at the age of 20 and I miss him and miss having a cat. I'm a cat person. I started out interested in just Circe, then saw Glitter and decided we wanted her too. Then my husband fell in love with Cashmere. So we are getting all 3. Chrystal is such a wonderful person and a pleasure to talk to. I am excited to bring these 3 beauties home and meet her . So don't fear 3 girls will be getting some humans to love them she their own home very soon.
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Dec 6, 2012