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Do Vegetarians Eat Animal Crackers?
I am Rebecca, an artist in love with the simple pleasures, traveling, and new adventures
Interests: music, travel, design, photography, drawing, painting, vintage, good finds
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May 26, 2013
Thanks to Simone Decker for these creations. Continue reading
google-site-verification" content="YeD10q7T4-MIlv3XFgdwiYwa_limNciF774ya4fVoB8" /> This makes me so happy. I absolutely love the record player I have currently, but this would be so great for travel or a dorm room situation. What a great idea. here Continue reading
Apple Dumplings - makes 6 large dumpling or more smaller ones 6 apples cut up and peeled (I sliced it in the photos) Whipped cream for serving Pastry… (or you can use readymade pie dough if you want to cheat) 2c (250g) flour 2t (10g) baking powder 1/2t (2.5g –... Continue reading
While I was sitting waiting for my tea to steep, I came across this little guy. I think this is the cutest thing! via Continue reading
Reblogged Jul 20, 2010 at Do Vegetarians Eat Animal Crackers?'s blog
*I just really like the colors of these Continue reading
* bebo is currently the most googled word Continue reading
I just couldn't resist! These are too funny. We can thank John Woo for these. Continue reading
I thought this was quite interesting. I, myself have become very fascinated with drips in my art. Its very abstract,and yet has an organic feel. This piece is so wonderful. I especially like the hint of blue in the triangle. This beauty can be found on the Behance Network. Continue reading