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San Francisco
I'm a California girl whose life changed forever when she moved to NYC with her husband and then-18-month-old-son. 5 years later, my now-pastor husband and I are back in my home state with THREE sons in tow!
Interests: reading books, reading about/cooking/eating really good food, spending time with family and friends, our church, movies ("the lord of the rings" trilogy, "the godfather", and "when harry met sally" being some of my favorites).
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I wonder if you can't request another u/s. It's definitely NOT normal and really, it's not ok for him to have not looked carefully. I would complain, and also talk to your midwives about it. He should have looked at EVERY body part very carefully, and should know that finding out the gender is very important to almost every person who comes in. I'm really sorry that he did such a cruddy job. That STINKS and would drive me crazy also. Let us know what happens with the house, either way ...
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Mar 15, 2010
Happy birthday to Peter! Oh, how time flies. =) Legos are the best toy in the whole world, I'm convinced. So many hours of creative, intelligent play. Aidan's sitting next to me with a smaller Star Wars set right now, creating up a storm. He's not very good at following the step-by-step instructions, but they make ME want to cry so I understand it. Major props to Peter for tackling such a huge set so well! I cracked up about the "What the ___!" bit. Although now I'm dying to know what fills the blank. I think it's safe to assume (or really, really hope) it's not the F bomb, and am now wondering if we're talking about HECK or H-E- double hockey sticks, lol. =D Your party idea was PERFECT. People spend way too much money on fancy shmancy parties these days, when kids would be perfectly happy to run around a backyard, do a simple "project" and eat cake with their friends. Aidan and his friends made personal pizzas for 2-3 years and LOVED it.
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It's interesting you ask this question right now, as it's exactly the dilemma I'm going through right now. Our oldest was diagnosed with a visual processing disorder and learning disabilities this year and is really struggling in school right now. What's worse is really starting to dislike school ... says it's boring, wants to stay home with his younger brothers every day. He is such a sweet, creative kid, but we're all at a loss as to what academic or even personal strength he can latch onto or we can point to to help motivate him. It is really disheartening. For us AND for him, right now.
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See what I mean? Richly, deeply blessed. I have been absolutely blown away, and brought to tears over and over again by the expressions of care and concern that have been poured in my/our direction. Thank you, Arwen. God bless you.
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We live about 10 minutes from the hospital, so if we have to get there quickly, wed be ok. I think. I hope! =D
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Been coming here for ages, so long I can't remember exactly where I found you! iParenting?? Not sure, but would love to continue to follow you if you have any inkling who I am, lol! Please see my blog for further clues if you're not sure. Hoping all is well, either way ...
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Thanks so much Tara! I'm a bit nervous about the "rowdy" part, but I don't know that it can get MUCH louder than it already is -- and I'm enjoying the amount we have very much. And we all love our IKEA-decorated nursery (which is actually just a corner in our bedroom -- want that baby close to me!) Are you SURE you don't want to try Facebook? You don't have to go full-bore on it ... but all of the TFY ladies are on it and it's nice to keep in more regular touch with them, since our blogs aren't all updated as regularly. I'll send you an invite and you can take it or leave it, no pressure! I hope you are all doing well. I bet the kids are getting SO big! How is homeschooling going so far? Much love, Rebekah On Fri, Sep 25, 2009 at 7:19 PM, wrote:
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Thanks, Jen! It is quite a relief to feel so much better now. I still have to take it easy, and already find myself a little puffy at times, but other than that ... really enjoying this middle phase. What are you guys up to? Hope all is well! Love, Rebekah On Thu, Sep 24, 2009 at 5:19 AM, wrote:
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We've talked about having a family commune as well, but it would likely have to wait until we all retire. We'd have to move out of the city and we're committed to living here for a good while. Still, we'd like to find a place in Napa someday. And while we probably wouldn't exactly "live off the land", there would certainly be a huge garden, and I think chickens would be awesome ... so long as they don't keep me up! No advice here on canning fruit, but I've heard canned peaches are spectacular! Need to get my hands on some. =D Hope your summer continues to go well!
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Kids do the DARNDEST stuff! What's done is done, though.
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Just re-read this and noticed the bit about composting being illegal. Whaaaat?! Really? As in, you're not allowed to have a compost pile/bin or whatever in your backyard? I've never heard that before. =P
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How's this going? Do you have your chickens yet? And how's your garden? Our butter leaf lettuce is going NUTS over here ... yippee!! =)
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I am SO glad that everything went so well. A childhood friend's son had the same procedure done at about the same time, and his recovery was quite scary. He didn't wake up for SEVEN HOURS, and his heart rate was erradic and eventually they had to transfer him to another hospital. When he did recover, he was totally fine, but it was really scary for their family!
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