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Mar 15, 2010
One of the best restaurants in SF! I love taking unwitting midwestern men there and letting the waitresses flirt with them. The waitresses are goddesses and quite talented...they put biological women to shame in glamor and grace. Nice photos too!
Toggle Commented Jan 20, 2008 on Hong Kong Tranny Shack at Susie Bright's Journal
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My younger sister shaved her head a while back as a means to liberate herself from a stifling obsession with being beautiful. She has always been very beautiful, and the world affirmed her looks at every turn. Subsequently, like so many women, became dependent on this affirmation...nothing was worse than not looking good. Then one day she read an Eleanor Roosevelt quote: "You must do the the thing which you think you cannot do." And that very day she shaved her head (yes, she's a bit impulsive). Being bald definitely created a break from her past--she would no longer be obsessed with and defined by her looks. At the same time, people still did their best to affirm her on the basis of her appearance--"ooh, you look so good bald!" "what a gorgeous face!" etc etc. It once again became all about her appearance. Seems there's no escape from the world's obsession with female beauty. I'm not saying that this is necessarily why Britney shaved her head...I'm sure there was some element of rebellion against the Image That Is Britney, but who's to say exactly why she did it. Another hypothesis is that it had something to do with her sexual identity's been often reported that Britney is bisexual, and was always trying to bring women home to have threesomes with K-Fed. I remember you had some insightful things to say about Jenna Jameson's seems that Britney may be having some of the same issues? So heavily sexualized by men, but at the same time feeling strong attraction to women. Just a thought.
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This is an amazing story. You go, sass7 mistress! (and sassy secretaries for that matter...)
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I disagree with Greta. While I do believe it's possible for a woman to find happiness in going drunk to parties and flashing her tits, I don't believe that hoards and hoards of 18-year olds are actually finding fulfillment in that sort of activity. They have been told by the media and their peers that a liberated woman is comfortable with her sexuality, so the go out and act as though they are liberated. But the problem is they aren't going through the necessary steps to truly discover what their sexuality is all about--they're victims of herd mentality. And I do not think it is a "small step" to disrespecting women like Nina, Tristan, Annie, and Carol. These women unequivocally have a lot more going on upstairs and a lot more self-esteem than the bikini-clad girls on Francis' tapes. These women are leaps and bounds more highly's degrading to suggest they're barely different. Just because nudity is involved doesn't mean Tristan's videos are anything like Francis'. I find the whole concept of GGW utterly disgusting. As Susie said, it's one thing when you whip out the camera with a few of your friends and take naughty pictures. It's another when you do the same thing for an asshole like Joe Francis. Ariel Levy ( did a great job of dissecting the GGW phenomenon. Her book/article is really worth checking out. And yes, David Noble, I saw that Arrested Development parody--brilliant!
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The more info we can get out there about how Plan B *actually* works, the better. The women-haters in our government love to get the country all riled up about this pill by connecting it to the abortion debate, when in fact Plan B is an excellent abortion prevention device. Thanks for giving Plan B airtime on your radio listeners are better armed to debate with the ill-informed. I don't know if you saw this news item , but the Republicans are at it again, trying to ban sex toys in South Carolina. As a staunch supporter of vibrators (come one, come all!), I can't imagine having to resort to the black market for orgasms! What will they do next?
Toggle Commented May 5, 2006 on The "B" Spot at Susie Bright's Journal
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