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There are guys who aren't into blond men, or men with freckles. It's not racist, whether they are white or non-white. Or is it racist for a black man not to be into blonds? I don't think so. Not being attracted to a man because of their hair is the same as not being attracted to a man because they're black, or overweight, or "too old" (whatever age that is). Sexual attraction is quasi-binary: 1 or 0, either there or not there, for whatever reason. is Was Diana Ross racist for preferring white men? Where do you draw the line? As long as you live and let live and do no harm, your sexual preferences are not to be construed as racism, whatever they are in terms of ethnicity. However, when they become the basis of rude comments on grindr or cause you to disadvantage a racial group "just because" (by turning them down for jobs etc.) then yes, we're no longer talking about just sex. Ditto for other alleged turn-offs like weight, age, etc.
I think there's a small contradiction between quotes 1 & 2: #1 "Just ask most gay white males whether they've ever dated or would date an Asian, for instance, and you're likely to get the same look as someone who steps in poop on the sidewalk. Of course, if you call them on it or suggest their lack of openness is tantamount to racism, they get defensive. 'It's just a preference!' they insist." #2 "We all have 'preferences' and that's certainly our right." Anyway. It's one thing not to be sexually attracted to a racial group. I think you can even admit to it, and it would be wrong to accuse you of racism on that score alone. Another thing, however, is to turn down a job application if the person is Asian, or to say that Jews should be gassed (like Galliano just did). The grindr loser should not be called a racist for not wanting to have sex with Asians. On the other hand, his crude language for all to see (that sentence was not a private message, btw, but an integral part of his grindr profile) really suggests he is one. As for that tragic Queer group, its very use of the word "Apartheid" robs it of any intellectual respectability.
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Mar 11, 2011