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Something I hadn't realized until right now is that Share This/Grab the HTML/BBCode is enabled even if the photograph in question is All Rights Reserved. For example, check out verhext's photo: You might need to be signed into Flickr to be able to see the code. Flickr users need to specifically disable it or set it to only appear for certain people. By default, the "Share This" button will show for other people on your public uploads - it will always be available for you on your content. The button will never show alongside things that aren't public. (Note that even if you hide this button, people will still be able to grab a URL from the browser address bar and send that around.) To change this to reflect an All Rights Reserved license, go to
Toggle Commented Mar 3, 2011 on blog talk: crediting photos at frolic!
Getting permission or finding out what the licensing/usage guidelines from the original source is always a good idea. When in doubt about how a designer/photographer would like their work referenced, ask them. Sometimes attribution blurbs can be confusing or hard to locate. The original source also typically includes information on whether you can include the photo in a collage or change it. One thing to never ever do is crop a photograph to remove a photographer's branding (caveat if you've received written permission to do so). If you loved the photograph or concept enough to include it in your blog, you should give full credit.
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Mar 3, 2011