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I would love a copy of this book. My son is 9 and nonverbal. I think I will pick up a copy for his teacher this x-mas also!
I see an outfit for my next ARD - size L!
The lingering smell is the only sign I know my son has pooped! (this translates into no fudgey underpants, no smears on toilet seat or nuggets on floor, no poopy toilet paper in garbage can, and no last minute dashes down the hall...) Handling it all on his own these days :)) (oh and it smells like poop, not dead fish ~ that's progress!)
I recently explained not continuing to vaccinate my children with an "air bag" example. We know they were installed in cars to prevent a more serious injury...however, people can also sustain injury by the device itself. For that reason, the manufacturer clarified a subset of the population that could reasonably withstand the safety and efficacy of a deployed airbag - hence, do not put children in harms way in the front seat. When my sons became ill with vaccinations, that was my "warning" that they could no longer reasonably withstand the safety and efficacy of the intended use of the vaccine. Even the airbag manufacturers gave the option to turn off the passenger side airbag so that the vehicle owner could bypass this well documented safety option. While under my care, my children will take a backseat to further vaccines.
It looks as though the Trampoline Safety Association sets its own guidelines and safety criteria, possibly to ensure profits or maybe protect the trampoline makers from frivolous lawsuits... Trampoline Safety Association and the ASTM Founded in the United States by a group of scientists and engineers, the organization was first led by Charles Benjamin Dudley. With its primary goal of developing a set of safety standards that keep the public at large safe, the group's first mission was to address the rail breaks in the then booming railroad industry. Today the ASTM supports thousands of international committees, while the organization itself maintains no less than 12,000 standards. Their annual book alone holds more than seventy-seven volumes. The Standards The standards that are complied have a direct bearing on the trampoline safety association. Thus, trampolines that bear its approval meet the following criteria: Standard specification: This category defines the requirements that must be met in order to be satisfied by the subject. Standard test method: Defining the way the test is performed, the result of the standard test method is then used to access the compliance of the subject in regards to the standard specification. Standard practice defines a sequence of operations but does not produce a result. Terminology standard: Here is found definitions of the terms used in the other standards. This process is a rigorous one and as such, the ASTM test is used around the world, even in places where ASTM specifications are not required.
Seth's website states... "If you’re interested in helping to arrange a speaking appearance you can get in touch with the Simon & Schuster Speakers Bureau or email him..." Maybe we should arrange a platform for him at the next DAN conference! (You know Seth, in the interest of resolving your frustration by how little you are able to have productive interactions with people who disagree with you.)
Toggle Commented Jun 9, 2011 on My Conversation with Seth Mnookin at AGE OF AUTISM
Bob, you and I have discussed this here before, but worth repeating... my son was also diagnosed with ITP (in '96). Top hematologist at Miami Children's Hospital said he was seeing about 1 toddler a month back then (and guess what? He still couldn't tell me why it happened then either!!!). His platelet count was 20,000 and he was admitted and given IVIG. He is my undiagnosed oldest child who exhibited autistic like features (poor sleep, sensory meltdowns, etc.) without cognitive impairment or regression. It would be 2003 when my 3rd child, a boy, had a full reaction to his 1 yr vaccines (not the MMR) and lost all skills within months of his episode.
Ironic, my non asd son got IVIG after he developed immune thrombocytopenic purpura (a listed adverse reaction to MMR)two weeks after his MMR also, all expenses paid insurance coverage. The hematologist said he didn't know why 1 child a month was treated for it in his practice, odd immune reaction he said. Wish I could afford IVIG for my ASD son!
"A fundamental shift occurs within every person who has absorbed this information." This is a brilliant assessment of the disbelief that enrages me when the likes of Synderman or Lauer badger their way through the topic of vaccines and autism. You know they know... I agree with the idea that a new shout out needs to happen. Vaccines do cause autism, for those of us that watched it happen (our story was detail for detail with Noah's!). And ironically, the encephalopathy, immune dysregulation, oxidative stress, mitochondrial dysfunction is all right there in the pharma issued adverse reaction pamphlet, and my binders of labs ever bursting from my kitchen cabinets! We are an intelligent community, with acquired knowledge that many of our Pediatricians can't even hold a conversation about with us. That is pathetic! We need to educate the media on the science that is written all over our children's labs, vaccine induced or not (we can connect those dots for them later, after they have waded into the pile of crap we have all been standing in the last 10 years!). I just can't take another 5 years of "the studies have been done" reporting - I am surprised the media can keep a straight face anymore regurgitating it time and time again. Sigh.
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Feb 25, 2011