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Quite a break in my lines and what a break in my life :) Reading my last article, I do not know what I was expecting from life. Let´s not talk about 2011, that year is off the books. 2012 started in bed and went on like that basically until yesterday. Of course to top up my "succesfull" 2011, ten days before it was finally over I managed to break my stupid colarbone in my oh so beloved Sierra Nevada. Like if it couldn´t happen a day and a half later, of course it happened 2 hours into my 2 days trip.... and when I realized I am not coming back for next few months... I was just pissed of! Still full of adrenaline declined the painkillers in the emergency room and drove one handed to Gibraltar to see a doctor. 5 hours later I joined the majority of men in Gaza stripe and was falling asleep on Tramadol. Good shit, but was really getting addicted after about 2 weeks (and I ony took about 1/4 of the daily dose) So decided to cut it off. The pain is bareable if I dont walk too much now and I get my 3-4 hours of sleep. This is killing me, you could write depression all around the walls of my house. Can not go skiing, can not go snowboardin, can not go windsurfing or even for some hiking...just goddamn relaxing! None of the things that make me feel good are available to me at the moment, but cometh March, 19th, I am on the slopes again, if I have to cut off my arm for that! One good thing came up from my bed time though... and that is that I am going to see Torino in about 20 days... why.. well that is private for now my friends :) I wish you all a better 2012 than my 2011 was, peace of mind and happines. Love is overrated anyways :) Continue reading
Posted Jan 30, 2012 at Red5's blog
The winter is over and the seasons are changing . Summer is closer every day, but I still can't get the snowy slopes out of my mind. I already said, 13. April was the last ride this season, but now looking at my shiftplan, seeing 19-20 off...who knows, maybe Snowpeopele are going to see me once more. Came March, I also started windsurfing...this year it's going to be serious. Was on the water a couple of times since and really enjoyed every minute. Especially one day, the wind was a bit stronger...simply amazing feeling, when you hang in there with all your weight, let the board lift up from water and go with the wind! But, so I don't have to wait for wind every time I want to get wet, I have big plans for other activities as well. Spoke to Paul about the waterski camp in Cordoba...looking good, can't wait to go around a proper slalom course once again... It is now years I did last time. I can feel the adrenaline on the tip of my tongue, just thinking about it. And to not only speak about the sports, I am looking forward for a few more things this year. My sister is coming to visit me in the summer, looks like we are going to have some really good time, if everything works after the plan, she will be here for my summer vacation, and my bday. Hope they can make it! And Klara, my only child, is coming to see her old daddy as well, this year she is bringing her boyfriend, Adamko... it's going to be fun seeing how they grow up so fast! I am sure, there are many other great things to come this year, just can't think of any right now. PEACE OUT! Continue reading
Posted Apr 16, 2011 at Red5's blog
So I decided, this was the before last time, I went to Sierra this season. And again, off course, my personal paradise did not dissapoint me. This time, a weekend of a perfect blue sky, warm calm weather and wonderful snow conditions + one astronomic event - the big moon. Was really nice being even 2 km closer to it than the poor bastards down at the sea. Also, the way it lit the slopes in the night was quite mystical, normally they remain dark. Here I have to mention the apartment in Monte Gorbeo - the best so far and really comfy. Lets hope we can have it for the same price again next time. This time, I had another friend to teach the beauty of the winter - Evicka joined us this time for her 1st time experience on the board with bound feet. And she proved herself in quite a fashion. To prove her motoric skills we have some nice videos and pictures, she managed the basics in first few minutes and from there, it was just a question of getting used to the new feeling. The important part wa again, that she liked, or as she said, loved it and got excited for the snow. Paula made quite some progress and was doing quite well plus also had a lot of fun. This time, she hid her allmighty Blackberry in the jacket, so we had Eminem and his dead dog with us all the time. I must say, people enjoyed the occasional bit of music and Paula, who proved herself again on the way back, can really sing nice. As you can see, yes, we had fun, on the way there, all the time there and also on the way back. We all decided, this was not our last time in Sierra in season 2010/11 and we are looking forward for the next two days. Hopefully, this time my wife Asia and Thanoss can join me. On the end, my friends, I have another travel tip for You: if you do not want to spend 10 Es for a toast - even though beautifully served - do not stop in El Higueron. But if you do not care about the money, it is a nice place to see. Continue reading
Posted Mar 21, 2011 at Red5's blog
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Mar 16, 2011
Finally 7 days off! Having quite a tough week at work behind me, that one with a written warning and another one on the way, I finally managed to go through without too much brain-damage. Last few days, I was just hoping for little things, like dudes, wait with the other "investigative meeting" aftere my vacation is over... and I got lucky at least there :) But now, I am going to have some good time, tomorrow we should head out somewhere, hopefully at least 300 km away from here. Or maybe we can just make a road trip. Well, we have two days to show Rosie (if she was born a boy, her name would be Rumuz - sorry Roza, coudn't resist :) ) and Kate, and I am confident, it is not a difficult task, the "charm" of Spain.Even in rainy days like these. Still, the further we get, the better the chance of nice weather. Anyway, looking forward for two days full of memories somewhere in Granada, Cordoba, maybe we do Sevilla or just somewhere! As for the rest of the week, I will shop for the helmet and next 3 days are commited to skiing and snowboarding. oops, I just realized I had no plan for the 17th of March...panic!!! Just fucking with your heads my dear readers, I will for sure come up with something amazing to tell you about later. NMDM Continue reading
Posted Mar 13, 2011 at Red5's blog
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Mar 13, 2011
Yes, I went to the cinema yesterday. The Black Swan! Given it was an artistic movie and I did not fall asleep, nor did my brain explode or at least bleed through the eyes I saw the whole movie. As my friends quoted: "If Pavol said it was OK..." ... During the movie,, I believe to have heard one thing about some drugs, but if it was medicine, I had to say it aloud: "What a wackjob!". Well, the mother was not better, which just proves my point on the importance of family values :) I enjoyed the evening, Thank You my friends. Good night... Cardinal-Duc de Richelieu Continue reading
Posted Mar 3, 2011 at Red5's blog
First of March 2011. Nice food in the Finlandia, then a quick drive to Decathlon to buy Asia her wetsuite, back to our house, we changed, made some pictures, took the equipment and off for the beach. Asia's first windsurfing lesson and she has nothing to be ashamed of. We had no wind, which makes it difficult with my small surf but at least allowed her to get a better feel for it and see how to kep it stable. After I fell inthe water for the first time, I realized, that I forgot it is salty :) And cooooold. But the wetsuits and the movement made up for the loss of body heat and we had a lot of fun. Mimo again showed a lot of endurance, trying really hard, resulting in some decent moving around and off course to our entertainment in som funny falls. All in all, another wonderful, active day! I hope we can keep it up! Continue reading
Posted Mar 2, 2011 at Red5's blog
So after the difficulties writing the last post, I am back, ready to tell you about my first time Formula 1 live! It was really cool, I enjoyed like a small child. Already on the highway, you can hear the noise of the motors, rolling on the parking lot outside the track was already a test of my patience, quickly buy the ticket, stroll to the track, and there they were, just few meters away, those beautiful machines roared by, filled with some of my heroes...and off course, particulary one, a guy who showed me the way since I was a child - Michael Schumacher. At this point, seeing him drive by me, I was really floating on cloud 7. A dream came through! To make this a bit shorter, I was planning to write about all three days, but that would become unreadably long. Allow me to sum it up in one paragraph. We had everything: F1 bolides racing literally just meters away from us, full engine noise, smell of burning rubber and that special racing fuel, babes changing tyres, a small accident, I have my picture with the King - Schumi, we have pictures of Sebastian Vettel - the new Champ. and Rubens Barichello waving into the camera, quick view into the garages from the VIP tribune, fun with the word "VOMITORIO" and last but not least, I must pay some credits to the beautiful landscape on the ways there and back every day. The food was good too, weather - class A1! Continue reading
Posted Feb 28, 2011 at Red5's blog
...well, as I promised, F1 - ONE of the greatest experiences in my life. Lets start with day one, of planned one, later I changed my plans for 2 days and later again, I decided to come the 3rd day as well. But you will all find out in order. This is how it happened: Day one, full of energy, supplies, and extreme expectations. (As of buying a VIP ticket for 20 Ebucks would get me the full VIP treatment and experience). Well let the children dream! 40 km from LA (for Raul - LA Linea), that means on almost the half way, I spent 15 kms shouting and swearing...really unworthy the paper. Off course, ready to take pics with Schumi HIMSELF, I left both fully charged and operational cameras at home. So after some shouting on the trees by the road, my decision was clear. Get a new camera! Jerez city, off course had a Mediamarkt, so hop in-hop out, 150 Es lighter and I was on my way to meet the love of my life, Michael, again! Off course, in Spain, nothing is so simple as it seems. Due to the lack of direction signs in Jerez, we asked people on the street...well long, very long, story short...we woke up at 7:00... we were in Jerez with a new camera at 10:00, and the remaining 15 kms took us 2.5 hours...and that all with a spanish speaker as a co-driver!!! assholes! Oh sorry, for those of you, F1 fans, who are nowq shouting there was no F1 in Jerez in 2011...these are the official trainings I am talking about. And now, sorry friends, I am tired, the F1 experience a bit later in my next entry... Continue reading
Posted Feb 27, 2011 at Red5's blog
I must make up for the lost time, I know you all were waiting for the report from my "5 days in paradise". 31. January to 4. February 2011 - 4 nights / 5 days in Sierra, powder, rocks and sun. And as you all can see on my new profile picture, we even managed to make some pics for the next erotic calender: "Sierra Nevada 2011 - geek edition!" First three days, just going crazy and everywhere, S.h.b. Thanos is already good enough to join us on the difficult slopes and as always patient enough to let us go the dangerous ones :) Who did not try, can not imagine the feeling when you just can't slow down. No I do not mean "don't want to slow down", i really mean "can't". One of the slopes, broad and perfectly taken care of is just a steep broad plain, all the way down. And once you start it with a proper swing, you find yourself in a situation where large smooth turns mean nothing, but not speeding up more and trying to break harder just means braking your leg or tearing the muscles at best. At that point, you are thankfull for all the hours spend learning skiing and praying. Skiing, because you knowtwhat to do, and praying, because you know that it is the best thing to do. Last two days were in the sign of our new inbreed to the snow lovers from southern people.With a lot of expectations and enthusiasm, Paula and Jolie arrived the 3th day in the eveining and all was set for my first snowboarding instructor experience ever. And again, no, I did not hire an instructor, I was the one. Though, it always was one of my dreamjobs, I must admit it is money well earned. You need the full package...a passionate, well fit, enthusiastic, inteligent and a very very patient psychologist/sports physiacian/guy. Well, apparently the job was a tough one for me, as I only am inteligent and sexy of that all.... I did not mention sexy in the first part, as that much is understood, all ski/board instructors are sexy :) students did good and so did I...they learned a lot and they love the snow culture now. at this point, I must mention valuable help from my wife Asia, who was willing and able to help me as individual care is too difficlut with two people at the same time. First day of teaching was difficult, as one of the guapas though she is the talent and can just go ahead, 5 minute explanation in the cabin up the hill was boring enough for her :) Jolie, on the other hand decided to stay with me and see what to do, get some tips and let me help her on her "first slides". Our little pony, Paula, was just like we all know her...distracted, but trying hard. Well the result of day 1 was Paula crying and saying she never goes up again and Jolie, already in love with the cold sensation. So evening was about explaining, that it all hurts for the first time... :) ... and drinking enough to forget, but not to get wasted. Day two, Paula decided, that all we said and done the day before was just bullshit and ran away again, the first chance she got....maybe I was supposed to explain her also the fact, that she can fall to the back and that it really hurts to hit your head in the snow...or maybe she just needed to learn. Aftter that, I can only praise the girl, she did everything exactly as she was told and by the end of the day, she was jumping around ,taking turns like an old pro. My friends, I really have to go to work now...and just 15 hours from now I will be on my way to Sierra again, but I promise, that before you read another snowy adventure, you will get to read about one of the biggest experiences in my life so far...Formula 1 training in Jerez...3 days of wrroooommm and boooommm, three days of fullfilling childhood dreams...two of the days with Schumi HIMSELF! I was there last weekend! And yes, off course I have a picture with Michael Schumacher! Continue reading
Posted Feb 20, 2011 at Red5's blog
All shopped, packed and ready at the door, I believe, I will not get a lot of sleep this night. I am so much looking forward to next 5 days, that I will surely be spinning in my bed all night. I probably shopped too much, hope noboday else is bringing stuff as we sure as hell will have enough. Nevermind, the doors of paradise are wide open and the weather will be beautiful. This time, 5 days directly in the village in the mountains, not really a village, but a small city of hotels, restaurants and places to hang out, overdosis of nature beuty and best of all, everybody comes there for the same reason. We all have something in common. And after this 5 days, our Greek will be sking proudly among the good skiers! My sheeps, please all stay with us, so we survive without injury hopefully we will not die in depression after returing to the main road, how I call my ap. Continue reading
Posted Jan 30, 2011 at Red5's blog
Only 24 business hours to go and preparations for another best 5 days in 2011 can begin. The traveller fever is rising, actually have already packed all my gear and the bag is waiting to be topped with some last moment things, like tootbrush. So see you all in 5 days outside Snowpeople - the friendly ski rental :) Continue reading
Posted Jan 26, 2011 at Red5's blog
What three days! And a night. As promised went to my personal paradise once again this year and not as promised, I stayed three days. Could not resist, when I was at the skipass counter and thinking about Monday in La Linea. Decided as I was, took the ski the first day, hoping for a nice smooth day. I had the pain in my knee in the back of my head, but thought, it is safer with ski as I know it better than board. But, that was the problem, I just can not slack the skiing, so worked hard and my knee really hurt after day 1. So I started day 2 with a bit of unsecure feeling. But after changing the feet position and direction twice I found a quite comfortable way to use mainly my right and get the left leg a rest. And the weather played along, as day 1 was snowing all day, we had plenty of nice powder snow on Sunday, so I used it to get some rides between the rocks. Can not describe the feeling. Godly! Just you and the wide white plains....aaaaaaaaaarrrghh, I want to go back! Same scenario on Monday, with the difference that the weather really cleared and I had a beautifull, sunny day with still enough virgin snow and this time even empty slopes... it really pays to go there during the working week - free parking and nobody to get in your way. As for the rest, Granada really has a special vibe in the night, Saturday out was really interesting, no idea how, but somehow it got me. Maybe my parents were right when they told me, when I was growing up: "Don´t go to those night clubs and similar... they can give you some drugs in the drink or so." (Ever since I was off course searching for that place, where you do not have to pay for drugs, but surely, there are none.). Well, this time I am sure there were no drugs in play, still I felt like 19 again...full of life. Thank you Granada, thank you Sierra Nevada, thank You C! So that is all for now, just one more traveller tip on the end: Honestly, do not go to hotel Nevada in Granada, it is a shithole with poor service. But luckily, I only spent limited hours there :) Looking forward for the 31. January... 5 days in Sierra!!! !! Continue reading
Posted Jan 24, 2011 at Red5's blog
Less than 19 hours from now (8 of it in the "work limbo", phantasising about the weekend) and I am off to Dreamland again. This time climbing up to the top of the highest mountain, still few meters above the last lift station. This time, I am takin a helmet for sure, wanna try and get a bit in the air! I am so excited! Hope I find some cheap and quiet place to crash in Granada for one night and second day just skiing till my legs hurt. On Monday, if I am still alive, I am planning to go to the repair shop with my car, the shock absorbers really need replacing... Success, my friends! Continue reading
Posted Jan 20, 2011 at Red5's blog
Yes, coming back to the shithole of LA after 2 great days spent in Sierra Nevada is depressing. But just 4 more days and another 3 days off for me...this means, I am going to ski one day and snowboard one more again. Would even stay for 3 days, but I doubt I will find anybody to stay that long as Asia is working. Nevermind, I will be there! Looks like this blog is only about the winter fun, but realistically, is there anything better to do? Off course not!!! A day out on the slopes..."better than sex"...could only be topped with some nice sensual massage and sex in the evening after skiing :) I think, I finally realized what it means to save money. It means, you don´t spend it on beers in a bar, when you can have a day in the mountains for the same price. And this is, what I am going to do in 2011. Skiing, boarding, surfing, windsurfing, caving, climbing, camping, trekking and water ski. Yes, this year, I have to get myself to go to the camp in least for a few days in the summer and yes, this year is going to be packed. And not to forget, I got myself a skateboard again, so it´s time I learn at least an ollie. Well, stay with me, hold my thumbs, so I will not go crazy till friday and meet me in the paradise! Continue reading
Posted Jan 18, 2011 at Red5's blog
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Jan 17, 2011
So, in the end, I managed to get back home without breaking my neck. Just almost the knee. But it stayed in one piece, so no worries. Let´s talk about last two days. Everything went after the plan, which means it was perfect! What a two days. Had a "wunderbar" time on the slopes, the weather could not be better and the snow conditions just perfect. We did some serious skiing on day 1, arrived in Sierra Nevada at 9:00, which means we had to start around 5:30. But it was definitely worth it. Plus this time, I even got enough sleep before we went. So, as said, day 1 was by my humble guess at least 60-70 km of skiing. What an experience. In just few hours, you get to see the mountain from all sides and all kinds of panoramatic views open to one. The highest lift station is 3280 m above sea level, and I could really count every cigarette and joint in my life. But still worth it!! I must say, I am proud for my day 2. Day 2 we rented snowboards, our Greek friend stayed on ski. At first, I was pretty scared, as I knew, I am not really good on board. The first ride was somewhat of a disaster, but I managed to realize, that my biggest fear was, that I could hit somebody, as I can not really say, which way the board will go with me. So I decided to skip the beginners slope, which was crawling with people with exactly the same problem and took on the pro one. There it was where I hurt my knee, but not boarding, but getting on the lift up. Well, hurt or not, it was 11:00 in the morning and I had another 5-6 hours of the white happines ahead...let´s forget the pain. The first ride down the difficult slope was a complete disaster, but again, I realized one more thing. I keep falling when I try to break, cause I get too fast. And here comes the proud part. The 3rd ride, I tried not to fight the speed, but go with it. And that was of the day sliding the hills with a broad smile on my face. Only had one serious fall, but even that was fun. At least now I know how you feel making a sommersault with rotation. Fucking cool :) Well...six or seven more days and the next trip is up. Join me who can, it can not get much better! Continue reading
Posted Jan 16, 2011 at Red5's blog
two days in Sierra Nevada are starting, in 10 minutes my friends are here to pick me up and off we go. These will definitely be the best two days of this year, 2011, so far . For sure. Let´s see what else it has for us. But back to the title...must say that when Asia said it the first time, we had two kinds of reactions. I, off course thought about drugs or snow. Most people about drugs and 1 guy was apparently referring to something else! Only got eyebrows from everybody around and the conversation ceased. Situation. Couldn´t help not laughing. Well, one day skiing, one day breaking neck on snowboard, i am excited like a little kid. See you next time, at my post from the hospital :) Continue reading
Posted Jan 13, 2011 at Red5's blog
Now I again tried to be who I am, and I can almost understand why I tried to hide. Continue reading
Posted Dec 14, 2010 at Little Prince's blog
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Sep 29, 2010
just removing this because it was not the right start (and the bad critics off course)...this time i will try to think before i write. Continue reading
Posted Sep 28, 2010 at Little Prince's blog
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Sep 28, 2010