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Everything I've heard thus far about of from Nick Bostrom has been very good, but I found this discussion strange. Perhaps in the actual study he might account for this, (was it a real study?) but he seems to completely leave out the many other reasons people might be biosed or otherwise against a smart pill. 1. It is a cliche to have a drug commercial act as if the drug is the most fantastic thing in the world, followed by a scary list of side effects. For this and many other reasons, people don't necessarily trust experts when they say "completely safe." 2. Mr. Bostrom says available to the public, but then acts as if everyone will be expected to take it. People like to make their own choices. If it was sold to them as "every one must take this pill," you will get further bios, especially when you add point one. 3. Changes to self are scary! This pill seems to suggest it will change something fundamental about the way people think. That is freaky Nick! So here are 3 ways out of the horns of dilemma this argument seems to rest on.
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Jun 15, 2012