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Rowan McCarty
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I belong to a group called 'fenopause'. It's media fans, fen plural, who have reached a certain age. These are people I've spent the last 10 years or so with online. It's actually gone rather stagnant, we're all so busy with RL. I love the idea here. I often wonder what percentage of age, genetics, and experience, make up the mind sets I've found myself experiencing. The 'thoughts' almost seem instinctual. As I reached a certain age, they booted up and took over. Somewhere in our genetic make-up is a book of phrases all women/mothers speak at certain points in their life. I am my Mother.
Toggle Commented Sep 18, 2010 on A Woman Aging at YAAW - Yet Another Aging Woman
*clapping* Bravo! This is quite good. I love the title of the post also. :-)
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