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Regarding geoengineering and the cost for space based solutions are SpaceX right now shaving a rough factor 10 of the cost with series manufacturing run more efficient then Boeing/Lockheed/Esa and first stages that can land and be reused. Another factor 10 should be reasonable by making the rockets larger and regular technological maturing making manny reuses possible. It still wont be easy or cheap and it must be maintained indefinately since the shadowing sattelites wear down and loose the ability to maintain position. It is a terrible argument for continuing business as usual for fossil energy use but it can be usefull for limiting the effects after climate change is irreversible.
The september ice loss will be approaching zero when there are little ice to melt after having open water in august.
Toggle Commented Jun 5, 2016 on Crisis in the Cryosphere at Arctic Sea Ice
What did i get thousands from? *sigh*
Chris Reynolds, exploding is laymans terms for what happens when a hypersonic object is slowed down by atmosphere with larger forces then its structural integrity can handle and the spontanous disassembly increases the breaking force and aerodynamic heating by increasing the objects area. Enough compression heating of atmosphere and friction heating and matter glows bright. Thousands of tons moving at several km/s do of course make a massive sonic boom, even if the mass breaks apart. Then every piece made its own shockwave that merged to a rumble so loud that my meager understanding of english fails me. We were lucky that the angle of entry were shallow and that he object broke apart and deposited most of its energy high in the atmosphere. Sadly I am a simple layperson, you can find much better descriptions then mine.
NeilT, it is usefull to collect statistics and interpret with science. I have seen a fair part of the inside of parlamentarian system in Sweden and scientifically based arguments carry great weight. It has given slow u-turns in energy and economics, discreet proposals can be outright killed by purely scientific arguments and basing ones political arguments on science is highly respected. Adaptation to climate change and avoiding climate change is not dominating politics but the practical stuff being done per year is in the billions and very hard political change is being done such as a complete change in nuclear power policy and getting more of the middle class to like dense city living and collective traffic. Its not all roses but please continue collecting statistics and try out ideas with high spirits. If its not used in the USA it might get used somewhere else and understanding more of the world is beutiful in itself!
Artful, the large summer cyclone could easily be called a hurricane by the general population and the middle of the arctic is a significant "elsewhere".
Artfull, the next QaA is kind of obsolete: Do hurricanes in the Atlantic break up Arctic sea ice? NSIDC is not aware of any evidence that hurricanes in the Atlantic, or elsewhere on the planet, play a role in Arctic sea ice decline. Created: June 2008
I IMS sea ice the last major reference? I have bet a beer about this year being a record year with Ingmar Nordin, a sharp libertarian philosopher who is one of Swedens leading climate change criticists. It is soon time to drink beer and have an interesting conversation about science and responsibility.
Who cares" | "I do"
Good point, sorry about that. I am a little edgy since they recently started to spread to Sweden. Is there any way to delete a post?
Toggle Commented Aug 28, 2012 on ASI 2012 update 10: (wh)at a loss at Arctic Sea Ice
Oh no, chemtrails are commenting. Are they nutty, a disinformation campaign to get the attention from real environmental problems or both?
Toggle Commented Aug 28, 2012 on ASI 2012 update 10: (wh)at a loss at Arctic Sea Ice
ToD has not yet changed focus to peak coal and there are still a fairt number of top posters following the development in oil production. I hope you will continue to be a focus for hobby researchers and brain storming, the ice will continue to freeze and thaw out but a lot of the public attention will change to the next dominoe, perhaps the thaw out of Greenland? The number of weather nerds ought to increase as new weather patterns emerge.
This forum reminds me a lot about the early days of The Oil Drum its development is probably what will happen here soon. ToDs comment fields gradually started to be more about angst, economy, solutions and arguments if solutions are usefull or worthwile. Great fun and I might have converted some people to the pro nuclear camp but the root posters and the discussions diverged. ToD is also interesting since it now has a rear view image of peak oil, light, sweet, bountiful and cheap crude is well past its peak and oilsands and very expensive drilling is keeping the industrialised world turning wile CO2 emissions per litre of gasolene or diesel is going up. ToD is fading as economical hardship is yeasterdays news and lights up now and then when there is a supply disaster. You will probably be overrun with 400+ post discussions when the ice goes and this will settle down when no ice summers is the new normal.
Only one buoy giving a measurement when we know there is a historic shift in climate? The data gathered now will be the only data available for all following generations of scietists to use to try to understand what happaned during the climate shift. Even disregarding this and only counting greed and nations desparate investments to survive ought to give plenty of buoys to gather data to understand the new ice dynamics for oil and gas explotation. Are there plenty of prorietary data gathering going on? At least I hope so and that Russians and and others store the data with good labels and backup copies. The house only burns down once, keep the cameras rolling!
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Aug 12, 2012
I hope this forum keeps focused on following the Arctic development although it might develop like theoildrum who has changed mote to be about adaptions as the peak oil probably is in the past.
Toggle Commented Aug 12, 2012 on ASI 2012 update 9: stormy weather at Arctic Sea Ice
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Aug 7, 2012