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orange 'n green in the vein
Hollywood, CA, the make-believe land of reality!
Patiently waiting for Manny Diaz to bring the Hurricane football program back to the pedestal of greatness.
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Old man yells at cloud, former employee old man yells back at shade while lying about never lying, concern trolls on blob concern troll at 11. Meanwhile old dumbass opened himself up to a giant libel suit, would be hilarious to watch him pay to make that go away since his sour grapes made him pucker up all tight in public like that.
Toggle Commented 2 days ago on New Roster Update May 2022 at Canespace
Well well well what do we have here? "22. Miami Hurricanes Previous: Unranked In an unusual turn of events, the Hurricanes owned college basketball's headlines over the final couple weeks of April. First, they landed Kansas State transfer Nijel Pack -- the top transfer in the portal at the time of his commitment -- and it emerged shortly after that he also had signed a name, image and likeness (NIL) contract worth $800,000 over two years, plus a car. Then they landed Arkansas State transfer Norchad Omier, a top-10 transfer when he committed. They then had the Isaiah Wong situation, in which he threatened to enter the transfer portal if his NIL compensation wasn't increased. He opted the next day not to enter the portal. Drama aside, Jim Larranaga has quickly rebuilt this roster after losing three starters from an Elite Eight team. Projected starting lineup: Nijel Pack (17.4 PPG at Kansas State) Isaiah Wong (15.3 PPG) Jordan Miller (10.0 PG) Anthony Walker (4.9 PPG) Norchad Omier (17.9 PPG at Arkansas State)" Wong never authorized or claimed to know the agent was fishing the way he was on his own so there's a factual twisting for attempting to stir up trouble because that's ESPN for you. Walker has to average double digits in points a night if he's going to take starter minutes consistently and that starting five is playing a lot of defensive zone due to lack of overall height. At least they'll have decent bench depth if they stay healthy again overall as a team for another season in a row.
Toggle Commented May 4, 2022 on Miami Roster: Tony Breaks It Down at Canespace
You can put Pack, Miller, Omier, 1/2 a game of minutes each night from the platoon post combination of Walker and Gak with Wong, which gives you Robinson, Beverly, Popular and Joseph for plenty of depth finally and do damage. Find one more post threat in the transfer portal or in a signing class addition and contend in the conference again even if you're not under the radar to start the season this time. Without it you're using Miller against a mismatched hopefully guard out of the low block a lot instead, which isn't the worst idea in the world but night after night could be difficult in conference.
Toggle Commented May 1, 2022 on Miami Roster: Tony Breaks It Down at Canespace
Never were a leader of a collegiate team, yet, it was McGusty's team to provide that last year while reaching the round of eight where you no showed the 2nd half of the game as a group, first of all. Second of all, barking up the wrong tree for increased NIL cash, that's on you and your representation to get that for you, not the school to secure it on your behalf, so good luck with that. At least you probably are actually way more valuable of an endorsement athlete than a twin run tik-tok account posting stuff between tossing tennis balls through an inner tube coming in from Fresno. Third of all, work on your shot from outside, both stepping into a pass for a quick attempt and off the dribble in a step back situation, you're going to need it and this shows your priorities are all jammed up right now, which speaks to a failure of leadership that you think you should be rewarded monetarily for according to your snake oil seller.
Toggle Commented Apr 29, 2022 on Miami Roster: Tony Breaks It Down at Canespace
"P.S. Incidentally, it is unclear to me how LifeWallet's NIL deals plausibly promote the business of this health care related dot-com company. For more about LifeWallet see here: Posted by: nemo2020 | April 24, 2022 at 02:27 PM" I literally had never heard of this service company until they became associated with University of Miami athletic scholarship recipients last year, so I would disagree with your concern trolling about the issue as awareness of a brand is the basis of advertorial promotion.
Toggle Commented Apr 25, 2022 on Miami Roster: Tony Breaks It Down at Canespace
Ok, just a reminder: Stop talking about extending the indoor facility to cover "100 yards." You're forgetting to cover the most important part of the field, the ENDZONES, you want to expand it to cover 120 yards, or else you're a moron. That is all.
Toggle Commented Apr 23, 2022 on Miami Roster: Tony Breaks It Down at Canespace
Star gazing pay for ratings out of high school on players who stopped having eligibility or playing the game more than a decade ago? Must be post spring again on the blob. Anyway, Jay Wright, there's your replacement for The Pimp when he calls it quits a few seasons from now if he chooses to do so.
Toggle Commented Apr 21, 2022 on Miami Roster: Tony Breaks It Down at Canespace
I noticed the cheating blue blood program Miami lost to in the postseason is about to get sanctioned by the NCAA for actual committed violations unveiled in the FBI probe that falsely smeared the Hurricane program and disrupted its momentum for several years before turning the corner on the smear job this season finally. "The win obviously comes with a looming situation for Self and Kansas. That uncertain future has the potential to influence what Self can do or wants to do. Kansas is awaiting punishment from the NCAA (via the IARP), and sources have told CBS Sports that it's likely that the damage will be severe — and coming soon. A ruling on Kansas happening in the near-future is probable. This of course dates back to the FBI scandal, as the NCAA has pinned five Level I violations on Self and his program. He's guaranteed a suspension, and its length could be anywhere from low double digits in games to sitting out an entire season. He'll fight it all, and the university will certainly try to sue on his behalf, but because this is the IARP, there is no appeal process. There's a chance Kansas could also be banned from the 2023 postseason." Curious, how that works out for the parties involved, huh?
Toggle Commented Apr 6, 2022 on This Is How U Exceed All Expectations at Canespace Shaka Smart coaching tree is pruned so The Pimp's coaching tree can flourish. Usually he picks very good assistants so we'll see who gets the call to replace Caputo, who did a great job all these seasons despite the roster talent drain these last several years.
Toggle Commented Apr 1, 2022 on This Is How U Exceed All Expectations at Canespace
Wong was told last off season to have a pro future he needed to improve his three point percentage shooting; he took fewer attempts and shot 4.5% worse for this season compared to 2020-21's season. If he comes back another year, and there's no reason he shouldn't at this juncture, a starting five of him, Jordan Miller, Beverly assuming his back is finally shored up and injury free, Walker and Gak, if he develops a reliable post move while staying healthy again with Joseph, Poplar and Robinson as rotation core support along with a freshman or two can't keep knocking on the door of a Final Four banner to raise at the BUC. It'd be nice to watch Isaiah Wong have at least a year as the undisputed first scoring option in a Hurricanes uniform just from an entertainment perspective, hope it works out that way as he needs a dominant offensive campaign at this level to ensure he's not a pro castoff out of college right away.
Toggle Commented Mar 28, 2022 on This Is How U Exceed All Expectations at Canespace
Forgot to not face the blueblood for the spot in the next weekend and didn't get the refs to fix the 2:1 Kansas/Miami protection of shooters attempting field goals, but you already knew that and just have to play stupid to save face after this season too at this point, no wonder you started with it early.
Toggle Commented Mar 27, 2022 on Canes Advance Because Coaching Matters at Canespace
Must force the refs to protect you with their whistles by forcing Kansas into positions they have no choice but to commit fouls in, then make them pay from the line to close this out. Either the ACC is a great league even on a down year this season so the seeding was screwed or Kansas is the only one the committee got a fourth of the top lines correct with for a terrible conversion percentage, Miami can confirm or deny either option in the closing half of this one. Defensively the Hurricanes will have to pick it up one more gear to be able to hang on as the underdog one more time! Taking care of the ball this last frame will let them land this one safely with the "W."
Toggle Commented Mar 27, 2022 on Canes Advance Because Coaching Matters at Canespace
McGusty stays hot shooting the ball like last night, everyone plays a little bit better next time out, and be more responsible as a team preventing Kansas off the offensive glass opportunities, they'll have a legit chance to beat the last #1 seed in the tournament. Kansas is deep and can run with anybody in the country, so superior half court set execution will likely ultimately decide who is going to New Orleans as long as they stay out of foul trouble having to play the larger opponent roster, the refs and the crowd making the trip from Lawrence playing the zebras from their seats at the same time in order to come out with the win. Last win conclusively decided The Pimp is UM's greatest basketball coach in history, don't worry, I'll be the first to let you know when he's "lost it" and the tank's empty, just sit back and enjoy until then, usual gang of idiots to the contrary.
Toggle Commented Mar 26, 2022 on Canes Advance Because Coaching Matters at Canespace
Have to pick it up from the free throw line to close this out. Also can't go cold from the field in the second half. Cyclones have handled the trap well so far but if Miami can cut down on the turnovers they can go where no basketball team has gone at UM before.
Toggle Commented Mar 26, 2022 on Canes Advance Because Coaching Matters at Canespace
"...this team seems to play so much more controlled ball than the teams I’ve seen under coach l in the past. Is this because we have older, more mature players or is it coaching or a combination? Posted by: AeroCane | March 22, 2022 at 11:55 AM" This one has ended up constructed differently, by necessity due to what's available on the roster, than the other Sweet 16 teams The Pimp coached at Miami. Overall it is a smaller, quicker, higher risk to reward proposition crew the way the rotation is deployed this season. Usually you see way more man to man defense, even if they pick up 3/4 of the court defensively. This year, due to the four guards in the regular starting five they've deployed more full court zone which they can gamble with because McGusty, Wong and Moore are very aggressive in passing lanes anyway when they play man to man and can cause chaos even more with another half court of space to use to trap and defend an attempted outlet pass tossed their ways. If Rodney Miller's hips weren't shot, they'd have more size to throw down with defensively and wouldn't need to scramble as much in an effort to prevent shots from even getting attempted in the first place. Offensively, the last couple of bad seasons they were handcuffed with a 5'7" in shoes shoot first point guard and a terrible defensive liability trash in the clutch shooter at the other guard, when those are your two minute sponges in your back court, you're already screwed usually. Last year they dropped the terrible shooting guard and the 5'7" midget played in one game before being out for the year in the first of a bunch of injuries that took them down to playing seven healthy players as their rotation by necessity. You only have seven to rotate, you're screwed usually no matter who you have in the rotation, especially if your opponent can go more than eight deep. This year they can at least try and go eight deep without too much of quality drop off, Poplar has a chance to be real good in the next few years, Joseph can be a solid point guard who can close out games for you with development and Walker is probably about one more off season away from becoming a nightly match up nightmare for most teams they play, so you have a useful 4, 3 and 1 on the bench who can shift a spot up or down for Walker and Poplar if needed to defensively for assignments. Moore is a real point, he can work himself open for his own shot if needed, but is better getting to the paint and finding the right open man to rotate the ball to, whether that's behind the three point arc or near the basket. That makes the other four players on the floor with him better already before they develop one iota in the last off season. Wong is a help defense nightmare as even if you rotate in time to stop him once he's driving, he's likely going to stick a fade away jumper in the net from anywhere inside fifteen feet. McGusty has played so much college basketball he's now a jaded assassin offensively, if you are stupid enough to switch a screen on him and end up with a forward guarding him at the three point line he will break the mismatch down off the dribble and either get in the paint for a layup attempt and most likely foul shots to go with it or will create enough space to step back for a three which he's able to get hot from deep with most nights. Waardenburg is playing out of position every night, which means he always gets the least fair assignment on the team usually, drawing a player to guard who's usually three to six inches taller and 20 to 70 pounds heavier than him, it's why the story this year always comes down to how he fares in his assignment inside, if he holds his own they have a chance to win, if he wins the assignment, they have a chance to win comfortably, and when he gets his ass kicked they have virtually no chance to win because they can't go bigger than him without having to put in either Miller Jr. who is hobbled due to core injuries or Gak, who at least stayed healthy all year this year for once, but still needs to develop into a bruiser in the post instead of a project with all the measurables you want but none of the production yet to go with it. So with all that said, we get to Jordan Miller, the fifth regular starter who is big for a guard but due to his high basketball IQ ,and the fact he can jump out of the gym, can fill in and play above his size. The fact he must play above his size means prototype power forwards can give him trouble if he has to defend in the post all game though, and it means they're relying on a guard to prevent the other team from dominating them with offensive rebounds, which is the teams major weakness all year. So, to answer your question, it's a combination of staying healthier all year this year for the first time in four seasons, but mostly, it's the coaching adapting to what gives this roster as constructed the best possible chance to be competitive every night, despite that being contrary to what traditionally the head coach is comfortable with and known for. That's why The Pimp gets paid the big bucks, for another four years!
Toggle Commented Mar 23, 2022 on Canes Advance Because Coaching Matters at Canespace
So, Miami is better than teams it's beating because the coaching staff worked revised NCAA eligibility rules better than all but 15 others of their competition, followers of the program already know this but what does that have to do with the price of tea in China? Maybe the other programs should all fire their coaches instead of crying about officiating not allowing them to win when they play the Hurricanes. Waardenburg found another level inside himself of competitor in the second half on Sunday that you always hoped he'd allow to emerge in his game but didn't know if it ever would, which as a Miami fan, you love to see. Need that same second half #21 to make the trip to Chicago for another full 40 minutes (or at least the 30.2 minutes a game he averages so far this year) in order to continue to survive another round. Walker maximizing what he brings to the table and minimizing what he takes off it for you off the bench is also going to be key, Iowa State is going to have match up problems with his length and athleticism no matter how deep on the bench they go so having him locked in on his assignment will be crucial. Hey this is fun, how are those old cast offs doing now this year, this one is worse than ever and made a shitty choice; This one is still alive, barely plays, but can still hurt you late from the free throw line as long as you don't need a stop from him; Wouldn't want either in the rotation today though, enjoy living in the sticks during the best four (or six) years of your life, guys.
Toggle Commented Mar 22, 2022 on Canes Advance Because Coaching Matters at Canespace
Good thing they saved all that money on The Pimp extension by signing it before they take a shot at a lower seeded team to make the Elite Eight. Iowa State's depth will make running them less effective at making fatigue a factor but the match up is more favorable for the Hurricanes overall. Great weekend to be a Miami Hurricane this one!
Waardenburg has to win his match up this last 20 minutes and needs to offensively provide some front-court threat to move on. Knocking down some threes as a team is going to decide who wins this second half and advances. Take notes Andy, you crying loser, when the refs didn't call a foul committed on Charlie Moore dribbling past the attempted double team and instead let your defender hip check him out of bounds in a non-legal defensive position, that allowed you to hit that second three consecutively and not pull only one more closer on the score board. So if they had whistled the obvious foul there it's now likely a four point, one possession game, instead of the two point final margin, and you can sink the three and still lose the game anyway when Miami doesn't foul the shooter still. Being a whiny loser school in a shallow "power" conference sure helped Carroll pretend he was building something special for a short while in Los Angeles, in what now counts as forever and a day ago again, but it also ensured that Gonzaga and the WCC lapped your program and its conference in the meantime while you keep crying about being robbed when you were helped by the refs to even stay in the game in the first place. The tears are hilarious though, keep shedding them for my amusement. Only #10 seed to win the first round game, guess The Pimp still knows a thing or two about coaching basketball?
Getting effectively to the bonus with a quarter of the game to go really helped UM land that one even if it was touch and go in the second half. The front court has to pick up the offensive threat level as a group to keep playing after this weekend, but then again, it's all house money for the time being too!
Toggle Commented Mar 18, 2022 on And So It Begins at Canespace
It's now afternoon on the west coast, Miami better wake up from three point range because Southern Cal is about to in the second half overall. Just keep scoring and pick up the rebounding assignments as a team consistently the next 20 minutes. The more they run the quicker this is over.
Toggle Commented Mar 18, 2022 on And So It Begins at Canespace
Tough opening round draw for the team UM fields. USC will be a tough stop for such a small back court on average. Miami will have to go bigger, which they failed to do in order to counter Duke's same tactic in the last game successfully, and can't have a poor shooting game as a team from behind the arc, as drive and kick to the open spot is going to be the primary way to generate scoring opportunities. Luckily no bought off ACC officials will make the trip, so maybe contact on shooting attempts will actually end up in free throws being awarded more than half the time this game . . .
Toggle Commented Mar 14, 2022 on And So It Begins at Canespace
Night like tonight reminds you why the smart choice is probably Wong coming back for the NIL money in hand worth at least twice as much in the bush of the NBA instead, Miami sure could use him next season. Lost this game at the free throw line and being a below average rebounding team as a group. Very difficult to win when both those things are true any night!
Toggle Commented Mar 12, 2022 on And So It Begins at Canespace
Can't play that sloppy tomorrow and expect to win. Still always nice to bring your D game and find a way to hold on though.
Toggle Commented Mar 10, 2022 on And So It Begins at Canespace
Miami needs to come out and press the hell out of BC, playing the third game in three days and having to go overtime to finish off the last one, take them out of striking distance fast. Don't expect them to quit, they can't keep playing unless they keep winning though, so get a comfortable set of possessions lead and then lean on the clock from there with efficiency. Haters of The Pimp just can't say, "Got that one wrong," pretty pathetic.
Toggle Commented Mar 9, 2022 on And So It Begins at Canespace