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Hi Amy, I really resonated with the descriptions of these transits! I have definitely been coming into a new truth and some awareness. Here are the matches: - Recently, Jupiter (now at 23-degrees Pisces) crossed over my descendant at 22-degrees Pisces (though for Jung it was the ascendant). If I were to swap your analysis of first house transit for a seventh house transit, I would read this as potentially, a pursuit of my truth in and of “other” (relationships). - You also mention Jung’s progressed moon in the 8th and Uranus crossing his ascendant. My progressed moon recently moved out of the 8th house, after a “dark night of the soul” period in the past few years. (That 8th house transit definitively marked a change in my life, and in my philosophies. Everything has shifted.) Also, Uranus (currently at 28-degrees Pisces), like Jupiter, recently crossed my 22-degrees Pisces ascendant. - And then you mention how the above transits would have been especially powerful for Jung, with his south node and Aries also in his natal 8th house. I also have Jupiter in the 8th house. And my south node is the 9th – my progressed moon has either already rolled over it, or will soon! - During these transits, it you indicated that Jung was dealing with his Libra progressed moon “confronting demons having to do with habitual ways of hiding himself in relationship, possibly having him feeling paradoxically alone as he made his descent into his own madness.” For me, the moon has been exactly the opposite – in Aries, and then later Taurus. So if I take what you noted about Libra, and flip it (at least for my Aries experience), I would have been confronting demons having to do with habitual ways of hiding myself in my own identity. That sounds odd at first, but it’s true!! I have been coming out of a shell of alienation – of feeling like the “only one” who has the thoughts and insights and awareness and realizations I do. I’m not the only one! In fact, just this morning, I was thanking my 8th house “dark night” for clearing out old out-moded stifling relationships, and making room for these wonderful new ones! The gratitude largely being attributed to how much I’m growing in this new opportunity to speak without requiring translation. I can say all my outlandish ideas and thoughts and metaphors, and no one stares back at me blankly! I keep feeling like the ugly duckling who finally found other swans. I guess then, the Taurean translation would be “confronting demons having to do with habitual ways of hiding myself in my possessions, or what I perceive myself to externally possess. I think I’m still learning this one. You also note that as his progressed moon rolled over his Jupiter, he would have “been prompted to free fall into his own beliefs”. I almost think he would have free fallen somehow into the beliefs of “other” with everything happening in Libra. With me, I think I fell more solidly into my own beliefs, of myself – with the Aries energy. Maybe the “solidly” is the Taurean part! As far as the impact of a Uranus conjunct Ascendant – where you note “liberating and even divorcing him from the persona he'd adopted up until that point, the face he presented to the world as well as how he acted upon it, and he was set adrift to find his own path back (Uranus often shocks us by separating us from something that does not serve our highest individual truth)” … for me, with Uranus conjunct Descendant (occurring last in December 2009), I would take your notes and flip them again, to be something like “liberating my perception of “Other” from the image I’d projected upon “Other” and how I acted upon it and left to find my own path back to some new vision. This has occurred. Really in big not world-view level way, but in a universal-existence view level way. So incredible, these insights. *** Sorry for such a long reply. HOWEVER, your post resonated so strongly with me. And Jung has also resonated with me before. AND, if I can offer my experiences as any kind of relative “bar”, your interpretations are pretty accurate. :) ~ Christie
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Apr 27, 2010