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I had a client who used a wheelchair, that would absolutely love this. He could totally stick the landing too.
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That's what I thought too, that cat looks more playful than homicidal. His back isn't ever arched and his tail isn't puffed out. I think the cat just has very strange ways of showing his affection.
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I would totally carry this handbag just for the amusement factor.
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I didn't quite grasp the full enormity of just how obnoxious American tourists can be until I was one. My husband and I were in Canada, and we could invariably find other Americans by the volume of their voices, usually bellowing about something ridiculous like this. And the Canadians were invariably SO. NICE. about it. I'm surprised Canada hasn't built a wall, honestly.
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I am one of these people aaaand this is why I don't go out before noon and work second shift. You wouldn't think it would be that hard...
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Mar 16, 2016