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With people like you here it can't help but be embarrassing. Now, why don't you change your name for the 100th time and post another brilliant response? Might I suggest Anita Brain?
chill, Get a clue, will you? First, read the post again. Every soccer fan in the world knows we rely heavily on athleticism. I said we need to change our focus so we don't rely so much on things like athleticism, not have more! Second, my comment has nothing to do with us needing MORE young people playing soccer. We have plenty. EVERYONE knows that too. The problem is that the vast majority of them switch to other sports as they get to high school because of peer pressure and other reasons. A lot don't love the sport and will not stick with it if they are going to be ridiculed. Third, needing the "same caliber of professional soccer infrastructure" is covered by my comment about needing access to quality coaching and competition. Isn't that what an academy provides? Finally, strikers need to score. They can play well and that's great, but they are strikers and need to score. This crap about Jozy and Clint are great so they don't need to score is ridiculous. If Jozy isn't going to score, make him a midfielder. The single biggest reason we are not still playing in the world cup is because we have strikers who do other things, but they don't score. It's the world cup. You need to do both!
Rob, I'm a pretty sarcastic person myself, so I'm usually pretty good at detecting it. If that's a sarcastic post, they really need practice at being sarcastic! Even if it is, it brought up a good point at a good time. Speaking of missing points, though, it seems like you may have missed the point. I don't see what Dempsey being the best player on the field every match has to do with my post. I was referring to their ball control skills and not their overall quality as a player. You see U.S. players lose opportunities all of the time because they cannot even trap the ball properly. In the case of Altidore, all he had to do was just not let the ball get ten to fifteen yards in front of him after his first touch and he would have been one on one with the goalkeeper. If Dempsey was our best player in every game that would help explain why we didn't go much further. Dempsey missed a LOT of chances.
Isn't that FARCE's official comment on the matter too? It would appear Sepp Blatter is posting under the name Dustin.
The U.S. will not get any better until: 1. Large numbers of kids start playing at a very early age because they love the game and are going to stick with it. Not to just play it until high school because people don't think it's a real sport. 2. These young players have to be given regular access to QUALITY coaching and competition. 3. U.S. Soccer and or MLS has to face up to the fact that they need to change the emphasis enough from teaching young players to focus on athleticism, hard work, teamwork, defense, and tactics, to allow a lot more development in the areas of ball skills, passing, and offensive skills. We need a "beautiful" game too! The U.S. lost at least two one on one opportunities in the game against Ghana because players like Jozy Altidore and Clint Dempsey did not even have enough fundamental ball control skills to touch the ball ahead of them without completely losing control of it. Sad.
FIFA should change their name to FARCE. That's what I'm calling them from now on. The refereeing just gets worse and worse, and then when you think it can't get any worse, it does. Teams play two years of qualifying and then play through this massive tournament just so they can have referees determine the outcomes of the games? Then to add insult to injury, FARCE just thinks it's funny and tells everyone to shut up because they WILL NOT allow any changes to help fix the problem. They are ruining the World Cup.
BlueWhiteLion, I would refer you to Adriano's post on Bradley. It was dead on. However, I don't agree with you in your assessment of Bob Bradley and the so called U.S. possession game and more offensive flair. I thought we definitely played a better possession game under Arena. I also don't know what you mean by more offensive flair. We don't have much in the way of offensive flair at all. That is one of our biggest problems. I don't even see that much in development. Four years later we are losing to lesser quality teams. I understand what you are saying about international coaches, but I'm not really that big on an international coaches like a lot of people are, although I wouldn't mind seeing Gus Hiddink get a shot if we did go that route. I think the U.S. works better with a homegrown coach, if possible, much like seems to be the case for Mexico. I think Dominic Kinnear is a MUCH better coach than Bradley.
They are very soft, and tasty, in Goody Goody Gumdrop Land!
You're absolutely right. 2002 was the best world cup we had by far. My post should have said: I hate to rain on your parade, but we made it to the quarterfinals in 2002 and we were all VERY angry in 2006 when we were eliminated and forever hated Bruce Arena.
That makes no sense because he made the same mistakes this game that he made in others.
You're contradicting yourself really badly. You just said: "They are competitors who can actually have a way to change the outcome offcourse they believed they could win the whole thing. " You say it's perfectly normal to think they can win this world cup, but ridiculous and unbelievably arrogant to think we could turn into an elite soccer nation in only 12 years?
There is a difference between believing it and spouting off about it.
Look for Bob Bradley to go back to MLS and never win anything again. You see, he was never any good. Unless he can find another Chicago type team with it's own on field coach and leader like Peter Nowak.
Actually, we reached the quarterfinals in 2002 and the long term goal was to win the world cup by .........2010.
"Bob managed the tourney beautifully up till today." And the streets are paved with chocolate and lined with marshmallow houses, while a rain of gumdrops falls all around us.
Many of U.S.? The coach and the players had that absurd idea. Maybe that played a large part in why we lost.
People's memories of the 2002 World Cup really are strange. Actually, denial is probably a better word.
What a convenient memory you have! "in 2002 we were expected to not embarrass ourselves vs poland, portugal, and the host country." "in 2010 we are all angry not making it past the second round." I hate to rain on your parade, but we made it to the quarterfinals in 2002 and we were all VERY angry and forever hated Bruce Arena.
Some people never learn.
Toggle Commented Jun 27, 2010 on USA vs. Ghana: Matchday Commentary at Soccer By Ives
Adriano's evaluation was dead on. I fail to see how spending every day with BB and the team training has any bearing on what he said. I never could imagine BB motivating anyone, including himself. Probably 90% of U.S. fans could have told you Robbie Findley and Ricardo Clark were VERY bad ideas. How many times do we need to see them prove it?
Toggle Commented Jun 27, 2010 on USA vs. Ghana: Matchday Commentary at Soccer By Ives
Excellent evaluation.
Toggle Commented Jun 27, 2010 on USA vs. Ghana: Matchday Commentary at Soccer By Ives
The only good thing about the way the U.S. exited this world cup was that we didn't have to feel we were cheated or unlucky, or even that our team poured their heart and soul into this last game and still lost. Of course the U.S. was cheated, as they are at every world cup, but it really didn't have anything to do with why were eliminated. Under different circumstances I would have been fuming after this game for the way the referee allowed Ghana players to fall down and lie on the ground wasting a ton of time, and also allowed them to fake being fouled and keep giving them free kicks for it. It was disgraceful. Yes we were robbed of at least two goals in this tournament, but we had as easy a schedule as we will ever get, and we finished in first place and got the "soft" second round draw anyway, so no harm done. Then there was the way the U.S. played this game. I thought Ghana wanted this game MUCH more and it showed for more than two thirds of the game. Anyone watching this game without knowing the score would have thought Ghana was losing and desperately trying to tie the game, and not the other way around. I thought Ghana thoroughly deserved to win this game. The U.S. frequently gave the appearance that they did not want to put much effort into the game right from the start. Ghana just charged up the field with minimal resistance so much of the time, while the U.S. was being pressured back near their own penalty box as soon as they got the ball. It seemed like the whole U.S. team played like they thought the game would just be given to them at the end through yet another "miracle", so there was need for maximum effort. Then there is Bob Bradley. He will no doubt be given kudos for getting the U.S. to the second round even though the draw for the U.S. was about as good as one could hope for. We'll here about the "heart" and the comebacks. Not that there should have been no need for such drama in the first place with such an easy draw. 2006 was a miserable failure because we couldn't get out of a group that contained two of the top five teams in the world, plus a pretty decent Ghana. We were the only team Italy could not defeat in regulation in that world cup. Then we were a disgrace because we couldn't beat Ghana with a ref calling phantom penalties against us. Bruce Arena was the worst coach ever. I'm just so glad that we have "improved" so much in this world cup. Hats off to Bob Bradley. I thought for sure were going to go far with Ricardo Clark and Robbie Findley.
Toggle Commented Jun 26, 2010 on USA vs. Ghana: Matchday Commentary at Soccer By Ives
Where's your comments from before the end of the game? Who were you posting as then?
Nice name your using. Do you change it with every post?
I think you are the "noob".