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yay!! my word is "fearless" (you can see part of it in the corner of the pic). no more letting fear, especially the fear of imperfection, stop me.
Thank you Cara for letting me share my planner with the world! You are the best <3 xo, rs
Thank you Cindy! Yes, my project manager brain needs to see things broken down to their elements. Also, you get to make more checks in your planner (; xo, rs
Thank you Jannette! I love that i can customize it whenever i like, which is important to me as a fickle planner girl (; xo, rs
Excellent post, Kris! Thanks for breaking it down into easy to use steps. I'm going to bookmark this and refer to it whenever i need a little guidance. xo, rs
Awesome! I finally found planner peace this year too. I think it comes when we discover a system that works for us, instead of trying to conform ourselves to a system. Lovely post, Trish!! xo, rs
Great tips, Nancy!! I love your photos. A lovely change of pace from the "same old" stock photos we see over & over again. <3 xo, rs
Yay! Lovely post, Cara! Both you & Kris are fantastic story tellers <3 xo, rs
oh my goodness, so much adorable!! I love how you involved the little ones. What a fun adventure! xo, rs PS thanks for mentioning me. the stitches are darling!
Neat! I make jewelry with epoxy resin and a little tip is to coat your pix before putting them in the resin. Otherwise the paper absorbs the resin and it darkens the images. Also, blow on the resin through a straw to pop any bubbles that may appear.
Toggle Commented Feb 20, 2015 on DIY Epoxy Statement Necklace at A Beautiful Mess
So adorable! I think it's a pretty tight race between you and Nancy. I could be persuaded by a red and black planner though... xo, rs
Clever use of hockey tape! I do not have any Washi (yet) but i do have several rolls of fancy duct tape. That cute is going to be hard to beat, even by Nancy!! xo, rs
Oh my goodness! How adorable are those ornaments?? Great job, Vincens Family!!
I do not speak Russian, and the translation seemed to be inefficient, but the images on your blog are lovely!!
Awww so cute, Cara! Thanks for sharing! I love that you write your blog by hand. Adorable!
That is awesome Cara! Sage knows her stuff, doesn't she?
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Sep 4, 2014