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It seems not so long ago to me, either, but as I get older, I recognize more and more things from my childhood as having had built-in sexism. Including some sewing books I got as a kid, with the same slant. But then I was considered a "rough girl" because I took shop class in high school instead of more home ec classes.
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Ninja throwing star turtle!!!
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Sep 27, 2010
I'm stumped, too. I mean I can imagine all kinds of things which might constitute his "situation," but most of them are things I probably couldn't help him out with...
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This isn't really my real blog is over here: Continue reading
Posted Sep 13, 2010 at Redscylla
Very cool about the art show sales. As for the quickie mart goth/s&m statuary display...well, that's what I love about small businesses. The owners get to share their peculiar passions...
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Yeah, the whole thing left me the urge to stab myself in the eye with a letter opener. It's like, when technology turns on you...
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Sep 7, 2010