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potato, potatoe ..tomato, tomatoe ...lets call the wholle ting off :-D bGood
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Dave: You are ahead of the curve and leading this fight so far in this developing social-web, good luck buddy. I believe that your intentions were decent And obviously that person you speak of is playing silly games, clearly. However the post makes a question about a not-so-silly issue. One of the applicable Laws is the right to privacy & that law may differ from state to state, right to privacy extends to non-profit situations also it can be argued that web traction is a measure of profit if your blog gains popularity arguably is a profit. Let's consider who has chosen not to charge its users nor adds it doesn't mean they are a non-commercial outfit. The Justice system has stayed ignorant of the web and blogs 4Long but that will change inevitably especially since the legacy media/DinosaurusPapers scramble and lobby Congress to gain favors. I live in Rochester, Upstate NY the cradle of photography and home to the Eastman Kodak Co. One particular friend of mine has worked as a professional photographer for almost 30 years and we often have talked about this subject at one point. He uses photos without model release forms by making sure their faces won't show i know it sucks but CYA is better than sorry. b well&happy
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more links: from the American Society of Media Photographers: "Why we take this seriously. Most of the time, you take your pictures, everybody gets paid and that’s the end of it. Once in a while, though, things can go very wrong. An article in the Los Angeles Times for Feb. 1, 2005 (no longer available online) described how Nestlé got slapped with a $15 million jury award because it used a model’s picture without taking care of the paperwork. In this case, there was no blame on the photographer; rather, the client (Nestlé) was accused of failing to pay all the fees that were specified in the model’s contract. But the size of the verdict shows that juries do take model’s rights very seriously." & have gr8 day & don''t sweat the small stuff
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Is not about Ethics is about The Law. AS any amateur & pro photographer knows: You need at least a model release form to publish any photograph of person or property that can identified here is a sample: ; here is a site with quick for when you need them and when not
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Feb 9, 2010