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Jessica Reed Parriott
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WOW!!! You have all this stuff and you want to give it away??? I wish I lived next door so I could come over and just see what you keep in your garage! :) I have friends that do that all the time...they come over to see what's new! But that's ok with me! I love to share what I have with others! This is so sad, on my MP3 player I have about 95% kids music like for a 3 year old! Dora, anything on kids Disney. When I walk (she rides in her stroller) we listen to this. One day maybe I can listen to some big kid music...hehe! Enjoying the time with my kids and loving it! I wish I could keep up with my scrapbooks, but I know one day I will have my chance. Thanks again for posting so much for us to read and just wish we had your life! Love ya!!
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Apr 20, 2010