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Your neurophysiology intuition is on track John regarding neurobiology of passion mechanisms including how these manifest individually and also likely how these constitute in relationships as they weave together passion/reinforcement within an individual's passion and even reinforcing limbic brain connection-plasticity interpersonally. (if you want to go even further into conceptual free fall) An interesting possible further extension of your passion neuro-plasticity concept is towards interpersonal "relationship passion plasticity" connecting multiple brains together, typically a couple (limbic resonance & empathy via mirror neurons/Vagus nerve) and then the same neurochemistry (Dopamine/Oxytocin) and rewiring plasticity synchronizes couples over time -- such that the "Neurons that fire together, wire together.” can be extended in interpersonal neuroplasticity bonding and interlinking & pairing neurophysiology. Eg romantic couples, Dopamine turn-on, orgasm and Oxytocin bonding at the more intense example or social "limbic connection" in less intense interpersonal bonding. A great book explaining this topic in some depth is "A General Theory of Love" by Lewis, Lannon, Amini: interpersonal empathy resonance orgasm theory psychotherapy
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Jan 21, 2011