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In my undestanding, both aim at one "thing" that they both call the natural state (and both are nourishing my practice). One can find ample evidence of this by studying teachings on Advaita Vedanta, such as the sayings of Ramana Maharshi or the "Amrut Laya" of Siddharameshwar Maharaj. Comparing traditional texts like the "Avadhuta Gita" or the "Kunjed Gyalpo", a Dzogchen tantra, is worth the effort. Another text worth studying is "Mahamudra Quintessence of Mind and Meditation" by Dakpo Tashi Namgyal which some may argue it is not Buddhism. Well maybe they are right, it is only Buddhadharma (that is included in Sanathana Dharma, a more suitable term to me than Hinduism) ! But in the end, only direct experience matters, doesn't it? SARVA MANGALAM! is now following The Typepad Team
Jan 28, 2010