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Holly Reinsma
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I have a question. I have a 6yr old son. His father and I were never married, but do have a parenting time order in place. We share Joint legal custody as of this spring and joint Physical custody. I have a son who is 16 from my first marriage that I have Sole Custody of. My 16 year old is having problems with school. All my family lives 20 miles away. I am right in the middle of my 6yr olds father's family within 2 miles of me. I want to move closer to my family and be in the same area with them. So I would be 20 Miles away. I am now getting threats to take me to court since I put the house up for sale. there is nothing in our current order that states I'm not to move away. I think the only thing in there is the 100 mile rule. Before I purchase a house, I would like to know if I'm in the wrong for moving closer to my family. Our order wouldn't be interupted, just the change of school is the only thing
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Jan 4, 2012