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Mark Kuznicki
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Great post! How did I miss Dachis Group acquiring Headshift? And the social business design model with the four archetypes? This is great stuff. Knowing Jevon et al, I have a strong hunch not only that they're onto something, but that they may be defining a future state of organization. Very exciting. Measuring the inside as well as the outside of the organization in social terms makes a lot of sense. Knowing how difficult it can be to do this even when you have control over all the resources within an organization should give us pause when measuring social behaviour outside of the organization. Out in the real world, the vast depth of relevant social interactions stakeholders are having are invisible to our metrics machines seeking digital artifacts on the open web. What we're able to measure is truly just the tip of the iceberg, as you illustrate above. The huge amount of information missing makes gleaning useful insights from the visible portion challenging, to say the least. When our model is so incomplete, doesn't this question the value of social media metrics in their current primitive form?
Toggle Commented Oct 8, 2009 on The Myth of Social Media Monitoring at CrapHammer
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