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Remco Janssen
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Interests: PR 2.0, Online Reputation, Digital Footprint, People Search, Webcare, Social Media
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Hi David, great you have picked up this story. I read it somewhere else (PR Daily I presume) and wanted to ping you, but I forgot. My bad. If I had a say in it, I would love to learn more and 'dispatch' you to Seattle to cover this story! Branded journalism, FTW! I'll bet more of your regular readers would too, right?
Too bad a lot of people try to frame this as a one time stunt. Which it isn't. Red Bull had been sponsoring and participating in stunts and extreme sports for many years. For example, in The Netherlands they are known for the Red Bull Air Race (stunt flying between pawns across the river) & Red Bull Crashed Ice World Championship (wicked downhill speed skating). Across the globe they host events like this, but they also participate in 'normal' sports events & teams like football - your soccer. Even in America with New York Red Bulls or in home country Austria with Red Bull Salzburg. It was bound to go this direction, which they executed brilliantly. They only have one problem: how on earth can they ever top this one? Perhaps the answer is in the word earth. If I was their marketing manager, I'd aim for a soccer match. On the moon!
I fully agree with you, David. This is spam and companies who are persuing in such acivities should be legally prosecuted, the same way as when they encounter people with e-mail spam. When this occurs, I always click block & report spam on Twitter straight away. Did you?
Hi David, great post. Thanks! What worries me also is that CBS has no intention of ever saying sorry for their mistake. I mean, I guess over one million (rough estimate, but hey, someone has to do it ;-) people viewed this article. If not more. Make mistakes well. I guess that doesn't count for CBS. I find that an appallingly arrogant behaviour of a trusted news organization. There is no excuses for that, don't you think?
Hmmm, it's like Seth is talking about ME, and YOU as well... A brilliant insight on labour nowadays, but it gives US - the linchpin - a huge responsability! We become more depended on our creativity for success. Being creative is the new success for linchpins, basically. But in the Netherlands, to say the least, are schooling system isn't build around creativity, but still on production. So, as a linchpin, or an artist, you have to learn being creative worker bee yourself. Isn't that a problem in the US too? (My laptop only costs 700 euro... :-)
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Jan 26, 2010