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it is very interesting. and as a fact- this is exactly what art is supposed to do. you talk about it, some people are upset, some people don't like it, some think it's tasteless, some like it, some love it, perfect! that is what an artist wants,I know this is what I wanted if that would be one of my pictures. and I agree Annie Leibowitz knows Susan Sontag a little better then we all, don't you think? So I'm sure she did what Susan would have wanted. as for world news, sorry to all of you who are so disappointed about the cover and the neglect of what's all around. I gave up a long time ago to get my news and updates from ANY american magazine or internet website. Maybe you should think about that. Great photographs,Annie Leibowitz is one of the most talented Photographers. :)
Toggle Commented Apr 10, 2007 on With Deep Apologies To Susan Sontag at BAGnewsNotes
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