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Martin, thank you! I think that what Mr Barenboim meant was orchestras of young professionals as ongoing entities. Certainly Tanglewood and its important history should not go unnoticed!
Beautifully put, Milan, as I would expect from you! Let me assure you that I and Alex Ross, too, have had and still have moments such as those you describe. I bet Lisa Hirsch has, too. This s a part of what I was alluding to in the opening of the initial review. When a critic stops having or at least hoping for such experiences then it really is time for him or her to move on. "Étonne-moi!" (Astonish me!) as Diaghilev is reported to have said to Cocteau.
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Nov 3, 2013
Thanks, Kirin! And right you are on all points re: Haymarket and Craig Trompeter. I hear you on the gamba, but the question here is much more complex than one of the family of shapes, etc. I might have condensed a bit in an article not directly about the subject, but I'll stand behind my general reference. The connections between sounds, the way the instruments are held and played, and the people who play them are there, too. I think we can agree, though, that it's terrific that the instrument ha made such a comeback and is again widely appreciated. Thanks again for reading and writing!
Dear One Who Knows All, You are absolutely right. When I re-read your poem above I saw that it was the pianist whom you heard breathing. My sincere apologies for getting lost in the maze. I indeed read those comments you noted, and the rest of your many, many comments, too. It is remarkable how you know everything about every one, every field, every country, all music, and every economy! You know my age (young, no, old, no . . .) and my style (adoring or hateful -- but always ignorant and never "neutral"), my income (good, according to you, hmm -- may I have a raise?) and my character (poor but vouched for). You call people foolish and then want love and acknowledgment from the same accused. "Don't lecture," you lecture. I only occasionally interrupt your reveries for a moment and only when you propose facts that you pluck from the starry skies, lest others who have come to OC for reliable reports be led astray. Enjoy the parade, you keep it lively and it keeps you vibrant! Signed, Mean old, young, boyish, gray-haired American official critic
Once again, the peanut gallery tosses out absurdity -- Riccardo Muti did not conduct the Chicago Symphony Orchestra on the soundtrack to the movie "Lincoln." That was the score's composer and longtime film conductor John Williams. The breathing Ms. Wackypants heard, if she heard any at all, was as much Mr Muti's as the other figments of her active imagination about him are real. And, yes, Lissner can withhold free tickets from anyone he wishes. But no, he cannot prevent Isotta, Corriere, or anyone else not physically disruptive from entering the theatre with his or her own ticket. That's' it.
The "I due Figaro" *was* the L.Cherubini Orchestra. And, yes, imagine someone flying all the way to Tel Aviv from Rome! Pazzo! Oy vey.
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Of course! Just wish it were less on physical mechanics and all on music! ;-)
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Ahh, the loony toons are back! His cyber psychoanalytic experts!
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Wilson and Lawrence are parallel streets.
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Hip, hip, Lucy!
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Now I am REALLY jealous. I love that you all have become globetrotters. I do not love it when you start picking off places I've always wanted to go to. Ren
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Belated kudos for your program with Rich Warren, Eric, and to Rich for having you on. I get to play my own choices on my own shows on 98.7WFMT and, so I won't add to what I am sure will be excellent lists generated here. Great that you are doing this. Good non-committee-generated, non-meeting-based cross-pollination!
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Mar 28, 2010
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Mar 15, 2010
Dear Kris, The four star system -- with half-stars -- is one that people know, connect with, understand and one that allows for comparison and contrast across publications. The TO "six-star" ploy, nationally or internationally I can;'t recall, was just that, a ploy and was meaningless to readers. Five stars is little better. I note that Google, above, pulled up a "5 Star Daycare/Boarding" for "Upscale . . . Dog Boarding" based on your entry. I think that says enough -- 5, 6, 7 stars (luxury hotels use this one) are all marketing stretches. Perhaps 4 stars were too, once, but they were then incorporated into the general discussion over time. My two cents! Andrew P
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Jul 12, 2009