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And moreso, Royal halloway is not part of the university of London federation. LSE was before it became independent.
Mr. Rexon, University of London is a federation of schools and collages. Most of these schools and collages only became independent after the university reforms in the early 1990s. Also note that the university of London has foriegn branches in countries like Australia. If mr Enochong's certificate was awarded by the university of London then thats where he Studied. When he went there in the 1960s, these schools where not indepent. I do not see your reasoning on this issue please search the history of the university of london. I will give the most common example now, there are over 5 medical schools in the university of London federation, take a look at the The GMC their graduate references are MBBS(Lon). Even those who studied at Ibadon nigeria prior to 1969 still have MBBS(Lon) see Prof Lantum and Anomah in Cameroon. Ibadon was part of this federation in those days. My challenge to you is when did these schools you mentioned came to be independent? I don't think you know the evolution of the university of London well enough. if the employer saw the certificate he is going to see University of London. so get the point
Mr. Rexon, get your facts right if you graduate from any of these schools or collages your certificate is awarded by the University of London. I will refer you to those who graduated from Ibadon Nigeria prior to 1969 who issued their Certificate. See,
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