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Great post--I love challenging convention! I sell B2B, typcially $5k to $30k contracts, with a few larger ones each year. I know from experience, I often need (even at this relatively low price level) 5+ touches to close the sale. Keeping the first meeting short is a great idea--for myself and the clients. Thanks.
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Thanks for posting this Ray. Here are just 2 of my own thoughts on what an Apple-inspired MR company might be... 1. The iTunes model. I am in awe of the success of the iTunes store's success (and the App store). Sure, it is really just a modern day take on the razors/razor blades model, but it is still impressive. What would that mean? How about an MR firm that can create a simple, graphical platform that clients can simply buy data updates to as needed? 2. Schools as sales channels. I think it is clever how Apple gets so many high schools and colleges to standardize on it. Kids come out of school preferring Apple products because that is what they have used. A NewMR research company could partner with schools to gain awareness and preference for their models/online tools/etc.
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Feb 9, 2011