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Elora, you wrote: A veces pienso que leo demasiado, verdad... me he hecho el propósito de leer otras cosas..( libros, por ejemplo ), pero la verdad es que me gusta esto bastante... estar bien informada, aunque, a veces, es un poco deprimente, pero, qué le voy a hacer? This that you wrote translates as follows: At times I ponder that I read too much. Pat....the truth...I have become the purpose of reading other things (books, for example), but the truth is that I like that a lot... being well informed, although, at times, it is a little depressing, but, what am I going to do to you? If you wanted to say: Pat, what am I going to do? You would say Pat, qué voy a hacer? Adding the le introduces the direct object. I have no idea what you are trying to say. The purpose of your life is to read other things? ¿Qué?
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Jan 1, 2020