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Toggle Commented Apr 15, 2011 on Former CEDU Schools Reborn at I Speak of Dreams
you know, thats the same thing i still tell my parents. i understand what you were faced with, scared watching your child, wonder what the hell they are thinking. won't talk to you. but in the end i think the parents were manipulated more than we were. you're right, we all did come from rich families, some of which were forced to sell their houses just to afford to keep us "taken care of" cha ching. convinced the home their children had grown up in was not as important as "being committed to your child"cha ching. oh, your child is about to turn 18 and you're worried that they are going to leave? don't worry extended custody is extremely easy to get in idaho, THAT'S WHY WE HAVE OUR SCHOOLS HERE! just talk to dr. ulrich and he'll assure you that your child is "not ready to be a member of society". i don't think poorly of any parent CEDUced by the same disgusting system we were placed in. i'm still afraid to use words like "system" and "machine" to describe a larger picture because its ideas like that that get you sent to NIBH. i'm still afraid to watch the secret of NIMH. north idaho behavioral health, national institute of behavioral health. . . a movie fair to say is definatly out of agreement( even if it is your 18th birthday). just reading any of these comments, good or bad, about northwest academy is making me cry. if i learned anything(even though i was told i learned nothing because i graduated out of agreement) i learned how hide my emotions. when everyone is staring at you, watching your reaction, watching to see if the muscles in your temples are flexing, nostrils flairing, heavy breathing, figiting, you learn to control all of those formally involentary functions... and you learn to watch for those in others. manipulation is a two way street. the only satisfaction is received from my time in idaho was in chemistry class(a class not offered at northwest, so i got to go to rocky mountain academy, a treat at five in the morning). our teacher had just gone through the I am ME, not with us but we all too had been through that so we were aloud to talk about it together. needless to say if you didn't do your homework all you had to do was say something like, "I was going to do my homework but ME had just had a hard phone call with my parents." well then it was on to hear about her parents and her life and her fiance'. turns out that after the I am ME our chemistry teacher and her fiance' were having some problems. "whats wrong? doesn't he understand what you're going through? isn't he supportive? "you know what he said when i told him about it? he said i was crazy! can you believe that? he said he didn't believe in the whole system. he left me." that was my first positive contact with the outside world. you mean, i'm not the only one who thinks this is crazy? i couldn't even talk to my friends about these things lest they confront me in a rap(that's where you are encouraged to confront people. you know, it's more safe(and tattling) when you confront someone infront of a staff member. chemistry was not my strong suite(not that it mattered because we only made it to chapter 4. when i was sent away in the middle of my senior year we were in at least chapter 20) but that didn't matter, none of us wanted to do chemistry and we all were upper school students so we would just have a little rap with our teacher as the subject. the teacher whos fiance' left her because he disagreed with the system she had placed all hope in. she, like all you parents, was manipulated by a horrible, money making, power hungry and repulsive corporation. you don't need to apologize to your child for sending them away... just apologize for sending us here
Toggle Commented Apr 15, 2011 on Former CEDU Schools Reborn at I Speak of Dreams
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Apr 15, 2011