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I certainly wouldn't mind bacon-greased turkey AND $500! Thanks for the idea and giveaway opportunity, Ana
Toggle Commented Nov 13, 2010 on Gravy and Stuffing Baby {CONTEST CLOSED} at Reviews
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I just read in short succession that you were pregnant, scared and going to a specialist, and, now, completely and utterly, wonderfully fine. This is what comes of reading my google reader only once every couple of weeks. I am so happy for you, and relieved that you have been spared this particular trial. I've been blessed with divine reassurance for my last two babies that all will be well (after two miscarriages), and it has been the sweetest thing to absolutely know that all will work out. Enjoy (?) being pregnant, and try not to throw up too much. ;) Ana
Toggle Commented Oct 8, 2010 on The Best Mistake Ever at i am mommy
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Wow, you are so much more crafty and motivated than I am. I'm planning my 6-year-old's party and am not even decorating. But we'll make strawberry lip balm, play outside, and maybe do lots of artwork. Maybe al fresco? This party is really, really neat, and I just think you're even neater for doing it. Thanks for showing us all the hard work you were able to give your son. Now, rest. ;) Ana
Toggle Commented Oct 8, 2010 on The Final Round-Up~ Party Style at i am mommy
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Oh, my kitchen beats that out any day (and that's a good thing). It's so hard to throw out food sometimes. If I screw up a recipe, I let myself leave it on the counter at least a day before throwing it away. Either my husband and kids will eat it anyway, or I'll feel less guilty about trashing it. I'm so jealous of your awesome food coloring set and beautiful kitchen! Good job on getting it all clean. Ana
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What a fun post, and what beautiful children. I understand exactly how you feel about the grass and spring. We're in Idaho, so it's really hard to wait until springtime. Ana (formerly Nicole)
Toggle Commented Mar 10, 2010 on Get Your Hands Off My Salsa at i am mommy
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Ahh, she still looks cute! As long as she's happy with life, who cares what her hair looks like? And she looks very happy. I cut my daughter's bangs too short almost every time I trimmed them. Fortunately, her hair grows really fast so it covers any mistakes I make.
Toggle Commented Mar 1, 2010 on Confessions of a Cheap Mommy at i am mommy
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You look beautiful! And I love that green necklace you're wearing. I think it'd be more interesting meeting politicians than other celebrities, simply because I pay far more attention to politics than Hollywood and sports. Although, I freely admit to not wanting to meet particular politicians because I want to punch them in the face. But, hey, you're a celebrity now! You've been on TV!
Toggle Commented Feb 24, 2010 on My "Famous" Encounter *UPDATED* at i am mommy
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It's always nice to put a face, voice, and personality to the blog. Looking forward to it! Nicole
Toggle Commented Feb 12, 2010 on My First Guest Blogger at i am mommy
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Feb 11, 2010