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Tâm holds an image of himself immediately after his cleft lip surgery Our volunteer surgical team in Quy Nhon, Vietnam, is doing some amazing work. Erin Martin, ReSurge's development assistant, is with the team there and wrote to us with this great story about our oldest patient there, Tâm, and we couldn't wait to share it: Talking to Tâm's family following his surgery made me understand why he looked so eager and excited on clinic day and again the morning before his procedure. He's been waiting 58 years to have his cleft lip repaired. He has been going to different surgical team missions since he was 24 years old, yet has always been turned down for surgery due to not being a child. After finding out that we treat adults as well, and that he qualified for surgery, it's no surprise he looked so happy. Tâm lives in An Nhon,... Continue »