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Steve, how often do you tend to Dock your iPad? I'm pretty infrequent, so I'm still finding it easier to just throw PDF's I want to read into my dropbox folder and use the GoodReader's native dropbox access to grab them.
Nice review Steve. I'm in almost perfect alignment on the popular apps too (GoodReader, Kindle, Evernote, TweetDeck, and iThoughtsHD are my daily goto's). I've ended up preferring it to my Kindle as a reader (although buying in the Kindle format is still my first choice). The one thing you seem to have adopted that I can't get used to yet, is using it as my casual surfing device. I've tried Atomic which does help, but I still get annoyed when I have to do much heavy surfing vs. my win 7 Tablet. I'm just too dependent on multi-tabs, and autoform fills.
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Jul 31, 2010