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Reading from Habakkuk this week concludes with the verse: "And the righteous live by faith." - as opposed to the proud who live by reliance upon their own strength: but supplication (in this case the antithesis of pride/arrogance) shapes the believing, the truly righteous.
I keep telling folk in the congregation I serve - (usually when I've allowed one of their expectations to slip through my grasp and they pick up the ball) "it takes a congregation to raise a pastor."
I believe what authoritative witness scripture provides, ie - life death and resurrection of X - the parables taught of the Good Samaritan, the wisdom found in X's words - 'the one who seeks to save his [sic] life will lose it; the one losing his life will be saved' - loving one's enemy (those we find across the ideological aisles that threaten our 'way of thinking'), in fact everything X taught opens us grace, mercy, forgiveness, and Love as that which reveals what is truly REAL - And when we look at the Way X leads, guides, teaches - it stands starkly against the 'alternative' ways driven by fear, and hate, mistrust and self-loathing that some in contemporary society seek to pawn as a foundation for a faithful relationship with God. God's Peace - the Peace of the Cross be with you - not the settled, narcissistic delusion that the world gives: but the Peace of the Christ.
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Jun 9, 2010