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Bless you Glenn, and the blessings of God on your ministry. My family will be praying for you. For those who cannot understand the great blessing you are by virtue of your calling, not your moniker or brand, but your calling, I ask: When did the light of a candle become greater than the light of the Spirit in a man’s life? When did incense trump the prayers of a devout man to his God? When did a litany enrich a man and change a man more than the new birth that binds the Body? Where in Ephesians are we told “…one Lord, one faith, one baptism, one Anglicanism of all that is over all and through all and in all” When did the institution become more important than the humanity that comprises the institution? In which scripture does it tell us that publicly deriding a brother or sister in Christ is pleasing to God and glorifies God before the world? What exactly was Paul’s reply to those who those claimed “I am of Paul”, and “I of Apollos”, and “I of Cepahas”, and “I of Christ”. He said, “Is Christ divided?” And who is the measure of a man other than his God, that he should be judged by supposed brothers for diligently serving the One (not the institution or sect) that truly gave him his calling. Shameful conduct…… Instead praise and encourage your brother whom Christ has called. Wish him well in all things; that he would produce eternal fruit for Christ and the Kingdom. Fr. Tom Maggitti Wellspring Anglican Church Modesto, CA
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Mar 5, 2014