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Don't retire Chris, just scale down your work, think of it as diversification and it enables you to test having a little less income. Employment is a reasonable inflation hedge and that is valuable. From my point of view pensions are now as they should be and the only thing they need is left alone. If someone saves a little and spends it, then that is probably a better use than getting a minute increase in income. If they save a lot then they have learned how to postpone gratification and should be trusted to make sensible choices in retirement. Chris says, “..people who most want immigration controls also tend also to want state intervention in other areas of the economy..” Those that are left wing by definition believe the state is best placed to look after the citizen, however this issue is complex and is influenced by how authoritarian/libertarian one is and other factors. My brother was politically active for the Scottish Socialist Party. However when campaigning in the poorer areas of Glasgow they avoided discussing race as their core electorate while left wing were not libertarian. They arguably also had real individual economic risk from well educated Poles. So there position was personally rational although perhaps not proportionate to the real risk. I am a right wing libertarian and believe that immigration has a strong utilitarian case.
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Apr 6, 2015