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Boris Revsin
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Just to weigh in as a Boston entrepreneur here. All of the stuff above is true. Time is most definitely required to decide if the fit is right... just like most entrepreneurs take their time developing the business. I think the true reason some entrepreneurs get off-keel is simple: criticism is a tough thing to handle. Nobody wants to hear a "No" (even if you say you do - you don't - not from a professional investor), so they discuss the best part of their business. The due diligence usually finds out the bad, and leads to a protracted no. The vast majority of vc's we've spoken to or pitched have been smart and on the money. It's only when you're full of it that you get the 3 month due diligence. Or the guy you're talking to is a jerk - and a CEO should learn to read those sort of people quickly. Cheers, Boris
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Sep 2, 2010