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Reyanna Klein
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Wow! That is SO awesome!!! A boy in our ward returned yesterday. I haven't even met him yet!!! LOL. I've gotten to be friends with his mom and sister though. (His sister has actually watched Hattie a couple times...) So I'm very excited to meet him and welcome him home. :-)
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Wow! That is so cool for him! And I can't believe your boys are old enough now... TWO to be gone on their missions. And that means Taylor and Justin will go 26-27 months without seeing each other, right?! Wow. What a homecoming that will be. :-) p.s. Just realized that Taylor is almost done with his mission! HOLY COW! I really can't believe it. It does feel like just last week that he was getting his calling. I mean, I'm sure it feels longer for you, but you must be so happy to have him home in four short months! :-)
I TOTALLY got goosebumps reading this post!! Clara, I don't even know you (I'm a friend of Ally Landy's), and I'm so stinkin proud of you! :-D And Happy Birthday!! I hope it's super-fabulous!
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I also LOVE that paper! I just did a layout with it... I must say, I think it's my favorite piece of paper from your line! :-D These layouts are SO cute! Thanks so much for sharing. I'm a BIG Steph Howell fan. :-D
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LOVE these! SO adorable! Thanks so much for posting people's work! I love all this inspiration! :-)
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Mar 6, 2010