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Re the BBC are we not falling into a sort of Salmond derangement syndrome? The BBC is massively biased against the left in general. The BBC has quite deliberately obfuscated the privatisation of the NHS, ran disgraceful shows reinforcing the scrounger narrative, appointed a Tory as its chief political correspondent, replaced one Tory chair with another Tory chair etc etc etc. Pretty much everyone on the left accepted this bias existed and was a key problem - so what has changed? The disgrace is not that Nats demonstrated against the BBC but that there have not been mass demos against BBC bias down here.
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Considerably more ambivalent than you were on the referendum due to being a) Scottish and b) my not actually living in Scotland. Thus for me it became a simple problem in (and with) utilitarian ethics: If I'd lived in Scotland the greater good of the greatest number would indeed have looked very much like waking up on Friday 19th knowing that for the rest of my life I and 5 million others would never have to live under either a Tory government (or a Labour one so compromised by the need to win southern English votes that it is barely Labour at all). But living in what would have been Rump-UK that greatest number has to be the 60 million who would have been doomed to perpetual Tory misrule. So down here in Darkest Sussex I had no choice but to hope for a narrow no victory which would have still forced a constitutional crisis and strengthened whatever forces there are for real federalism and democratic reform. As for a yes victory disastrous though it might have been for the long term future of the UK it would have at least created a massive constitutional crisis and possible re-alignment of the party system in Rump-UK which might just perhaps have created more room for a genuine left politics. But by delivering a decisive no vote (and yes it was the pensioners wot won it - by the Ashcroft poll had >65s voted like <65s yes would have narrowly won and by my preliminary calculation that does mean that there will be a natural yes majority before 2025) I fear we have ended up with the worst feasible result. And so the Tories who would have been thrown into disarray by a narrow no result and quite probably driven from office by a yes vote now can fight 2015 purely on Enoch Powell's 'great simplicities' - and if they win engineer perpetual Tory dominance without Scotland even having to leave the union - while Labour bleat wonkishly about conventions and devolution. I also suspect that those 40 Scottish Labour MPs this was all about defending may be reduced to 25 or fewer next year - and that even if Ed somehow does manage to win by falling over the finishing line he may find himself dependant on a revivified bloc of SNP MPs at Westminster And I am old enough to remember what that was like back in the dog days of the Callaghan government. So no I can't feel any sense of triumph or even relief from this result and would be very surprised if we don't have to face a re-run in at most 10 years time. And surely this is just our part of a narrative of general state disintegration being played out all over the capitalist world. I can't help but feel that we on the Revenant Left have failed this test - (although given the actual forces at play I really can't imagine what the correct answer would have been and suspect there may not actually be one...)
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Sorry to hear you broke a shoulder and glad that you've recovered enough to jump back into the saddle....
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Seen this: When it is cheaper for capitalists to build terrifying robots to butcher a ham than employ men with knives we are truly screwed. (and yes the abbatoir does have rotating knives and probably would do an excellent job of slaughtering one's tenants...)
Good point! In the past I had problems getting RSS feeds to work from pasting in typepad URLs to the subscribe field so gave up on it - however this now does work.
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I am afraid I have to agree with Mark here - this sort of hyperbole is ridiculous when Luke 'first they came for Progress' Akehurst does it and ridiculous when we do it. Belonging to a party which behaves as political parties all over the world have behaved since the Greeks invented them 2,500 or so years ago is not the same as being imprisoned for half a lifetime by a murderous dictatorship.
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Just discovered and very impressed by this blog while searching for items on the NEC This may be something of a geeky imposition but I follow many more blogs and news sites than I could ever keep track of via favourites and use an RSS feed (google reader until they take it away) which saves me a huge amount of time and clicking. So have you thought about adding an RSS feed link to your blog? (while I am geeky I am not techie enough to tell you how to go about this but seems to explain it well).
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