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Robin Temple
The Netherlands
Sharing my learning journey through the Commons
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Hi, Thanks for your comment - and I completely agree that it is not a question of wanting to dismantle the State. The State has a very important role to play in our common future, when it is working together with commoners. There are at least two important questions to ask, in my feeling, regarding the role of the State. Firstly, who is the State working for at the moment if it is not working for the common people? As the State is just a mechanism, or tool, it must be being used by some group to help it achieve its own ends. Secondly, if the State is not presently working on behalf of the the subjects of the State - can this be changed (and if so, how)? And, connected with this, what is preventing such a change in the State's use from happening?
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Sep 17, 2010
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Aug 30, 2010
Thanks for your comment and question. The reason for placing John Muir's quote on this post was that it reminded me that it is always possible to travel through any environment in the attitude of respect and reverence. I realize John Muir is using the term 'Holy Land' in an informal way - and hope this has not offended you in any way. Robin