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Robyn Guerrasio
I'm a stay-at-home mom of a toddler and a baby who is easily sidetracked (me, not the baby. She is very focused.).
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I'm pretty new to TypePad, and overall very pleased and having a lot of fun. One thing that bothers me that I'd love to see improved: I want to be able to stick a photo from a photo album into a new post without having to reupload it. Ideally, this would be drag and drop, but I could live without that if I could still go pick a file from my list that's already been uploaded to an album. Yes, I am new to this platform, but to me, TypePad is about blogging, not a place to host my photo albums. But I'm thrilled to have photo albums if I can do bulk uploads and then pull photos over into posts. So if the photo album has minimal interactivity with the blog, it's pretty meaningless to me. The kicker is that the XP photo publishing wizard is so fabulous, yet doesn't help at all in getting pictures into my blog. I hope that wasn't too wordy. I'm thrilled with Typepad - keep up the good work!
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