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Richard Woods
Atlanta, Georgia
Authentic Leadership...the imperative of the 21st century!
Interests: Leadership Development Training, Coaching, Mentoring and Advising.
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Great lesson and some good examples and super quotes Robin. I think sometimes that behavior reflecting a lack of humility is just a dysfunction of the soul and a psychological tactic we sometimes use to emotionally protect ourselves from ourselves. Something of an identity crisis maybe? But my response to this is "physician heal yourself." Because I am certainly guilty of preaching the need for humility but not demonstrating humility from time to time. As a leader one way that I try to develop a greater sense of humility is to deliberately use "invisible influence" as a leadership style. This approach helps keep my focus on service to others and the result I am hoping to achieve. What do you thin about this approach?
Robin, Could not agree with you more! As authentic leaders we must have a vision for what we believe we should be focused on accomplishing in our service to others. Vision is really about our sense of purpose and direction. Defining our shared values, having a well defined mission statement then specific goals and objectives to which we focus our efforts are all necessary to catapault our vision into action and results.
Toggle Commented Jul 26, 2010 on The necessity of Vision at Robin Worley's blog
It is clear just from watching the news that there is a lack of authentic leadership in the world today. Stories of those posing as leaders but exposed as being driven by selfish ambition, dishonesty, greed and corruption are daily occurrences. We are daily bombarded with examples of this authentic... Continue reading
Posted Jul 10, 2010 at Richard Woods's blog
Robin, It is clear from reading what you wrote about your Father that the noble and honorable qualities of your Dad's character and values are the same ones I have consistently observed in you! It makes me proud to be called "your friend!" And I am sure your Father is proud of you as well and holds a deep sense of fulfillment in his heart that he has accomplished his "mission" as your Dad!
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